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My CP950 has been treated with respect, never exposed to harsh

conditions and lightly used (probably less than 300 images).

The other day I went to use it, and the the display AND the images seem

to only have a few colors! Not the millions it should have.

Is it the CCD? Is it worth fixing?

Anyone else experience this?

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Dump it, upgrade

tom moore
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A long while ago, Nikon issued a recall alert concerning the image sensors in certain camera models. I think that the CP950 might be too old to fall into this group, but I'm not certain. Check with Nikon to make sure. It could get you a free fix.

If you are having sensor problems and you would have to pay for a replacement yourself, set the camera in a place of honor and put the repair money into something new. Unless you have a relative in the camera repair biz, it would cost more than the camera is worth to replace a sensor or a processor.

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Nope. The older 2MP sensors were not included in the recalls.

I'd buy a newer used camera if you like it's design. For example a Nikon Coolpix 990 or 4500. lol

Actually, I've still got a working Coolpix 950. My wife just used it recently to take photos while visiting family members out of town. It was her first time using a digital camera (I broke the door on her film camera and so I suggested she try this one) and she got some keepers from it.

I did make a mistake. I forgot to show her how the zoom controls work. So, all of the photos were at the max zoom setting (zoomed in all the way). She complained about that when she returned (she could not back up enough for composition for many). I showed her the zoom controls on it then. lol

These old cameras are pretty slow by current standards. But, they still take nice photos and I love the swivel body for things like candids (shooting from waist level).

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