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Hey guys, this is my first point and shoot Nikon, I have a few lumix fxo7, kodak 700 series, canon powershot a series and an old hp unit that all still work and are in good shape, basically i take care of my stuff and I had bought this L11 for a budget on the go camera for weekends and to occasionally let my daughter and wife use.

Well I never even got a chance to let anyone use it, when I got it in late Dec 07 I put a 1 gig sd card in it took about 30 shots all were good liked the camera for the $$$...

Put it into a case i bought for it then on shelf, used it about a week ago to snap a few quick shots of a fish tank for sale, then again back in case back on shelf.

Wife had a baby shower this weekend and i took it out to wipe the card off and let her use it and noticed the screen looked like a mess!

I have what appears to be a white display with a black leaf looking image and small black line running thru it. Needless to say i am honestly stumped on this one as I am the only one to have used it so far even and after years of use and even a few mishaps I have never broken a screen or damaged a camera before much less this one I had barely used maybe 45-50 shots total in 2 uses both times putting right back into the case!

I talked to circuit city where I got it they said sorry contact Nikon, emailed them got a reply saying take it back where i got it or send in for "evaluation", well i can evaluate it the screen is broken, as to exactly how or why I dunno honestly if i did ANYTHING i could think of that would cause it I would just say ok i goofed, but geez i cant recall a single thing...

Is this something that has happened to anyone else before? Is it a fluke or are Nikon L11 screens really fragile = i literally never wiped much less touched the screen even.. and I even checked inside the case to see if any seam or anything could have come in contact and caused a pressure of any sort...nothing found...

If I send it into Nikon will it cost more than the camera to get it even fixed? Are there any fixes I can do here at home? (I am handy with electronics and can solder etc), heck just really bummed and stumped on this...

I even sent Chase (my visa) a quick email asking what if any customer protection they might offer from me buying it with their visa (couldn't hurt i figured)...


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Considering when you said you bought it, it must still be under warranty...?

Send it in to the nearest authorized service facility. It can't cost all that much (though, IMO, they should even reimburse you for your shipping cost -- but it ain't likely), and Nikon should fix it free and send it back free. Unless they can show evidence for user abuse, they certainly ought to fix it for nothing.

How sure are you that no one else used it in between the last time you finished with it and when you found the screen in a mess? People are less likely to admit to things when they screw up. But, if there's no evidence of actual physical damage to the outside of the screen, I don't know how Nikon could weasel out of fixing it under warranty.

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ftlosm wrote:
basically i take care of my stuff and I had bought this L11 for a budget on the go camera for weekends and to occasionally let my daughter and wife use.
Maybe it's important to establish whether somebody may have used it, and an accident occurred, but that somebody didn't own up to it and just put the camera back in its usual place. If everyone in your family is honest, then chances are that the camera might have been faulty before you had bought it.

On the other hand, has the camera been out in very cold places (eg snow) and then carried into very warm place etc? If you're sure that the camera has just developed this fault without having been moved since the last time you saw it (in good condition), then just send it in to nikon under the warranty agreement.
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I have the same camera with the same problem (but the black on the dispaly is a little more off center) and mine also broke while sitting not being used. What did Nikon do for you? I am not sure how long the warranty is for (I got mine last Christmas on 2007), but it shouldn't break this quickly or this easily.
Any help will be appreciated.

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