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Default Shooting in Low Light / Unwanted Motion Blur from 990

Hey Folks,
I own a Nikon 990 - and have begun to go on client shoots with minimal lighting.

I really enjoy shooting in M-Rec mode,
with no camera flash/auto focus and try to absorb as much ambient light as possible - or use lights that I bring.

Here is what I have done so far to cut down on motion blur in low light situations:

1. I now use a very sturdy tripod.
2. I use the best shot selector feature.
3. I have my subjects stay as still as possible.
4. I force the ISO down to 100.
5. I wait for the green auto focus light to come on.

All of these things help tremendously, but I want to know now how to access the shutter speed, and try and cut down on how long it stays open. There are times when I am setting up a shot, or walking through a client's office, and I need to just 'take one fast'.

I do take some action shots of people talking or walking. This is where I really need to cut down on the blur.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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I do not have my 990 handy, but in manual mode you can use shutter priority and choose the slowest speed you are comfortable with.


why force the iso down? To get the fastest shutter speed you want the highest possible Iso.

Also, consider going to spot metering mode. Avail lite scenes are often very contrasty. If you use averaged metering, you will get exposures that try too hard to inlcude dark shadow areas. Select a middle tone area .. european skin tones are good, african tones can be too dark.
Another trick is to use spot metering and include tones that balance out around light grey!

Read the zone system manual!
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