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every other digital camera I have ever used showed up as a "mass storage device"
with a drive letter when connected to Windows XP but this newly acquired Nikon
Coolpix L18 comes up in the folder tree as an "imaging device" like a scanner.
No big deal? except that I want to use a third party photo editor (Irfanview) and this editor cant see the camera if it doesnt exist as a "mass storage device" with a drive letter. If I connect the camera fresh, it wants to open the photos in either Nikon Transfer or the Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard, both of which stink;
they put the photos somewhere obscure and/ot want to rename them.

Has Nikon always done things this way with their point and shoots?

I know i could solve this by just taking out the SD card and putting it into
a card reader but the battery door/card hatch is flimsy and the card is
inconvenient to access without taking out the batteries.

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Nikon is taking that approach with a number of their newer models now (requiring Windows Imaging Component aware software to transfer photos).

If you don't want to use a card reader, I'd just use one of the programs you've got for transferring them to your hard drive. Then (after they're on your hard drive), you can edit them using whatever you want to use.

It's my understanding that Nikon's Transfer utility allows you to specify the primary folder location the images are saved in (as well as a secondary folder if desired), and you shouldn't have to rename the images if you don't want to (you should find setup options for that kind of thing). You may want to make sure you're running the latest software version.

Nikon Transfer Utility Update information

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