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jack55 Mar 31, 2009 3:00 AM

I bought a new Nikon P90 tonight, (March 31st). Got the first ones in. Out of the 20 or so Best Buys in the NorthWest, only one Best Buy had them in stock and I bought the first one. Had to drive 60 miles to get it.

Reading the manual now while waiting for the battery to charge.

I would have gotten the Nikon P80 last year, but Sony had the tilting 3" LCD and that was the deal breaker. I have a huge post/threads on that camera in the sony area - 10 pages / 199 repies / 33,035 views!
I will start one here for the Nikon P90. :)

I was picking between the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX1, (since I had the Sony H-50) and the Nikon P90. The deal breaker this time around was the PRICE! The Sony is $100 more and both cameras are about dead even, with the exception that the Nikon has a 24X zoom opposed to Sony's 20X zoom. Another deal breaker.

Here are a couple links on it so far that I've found at this point and time:

Those were to the two that convinced me to run down to Best Buy to try the Nikon P90 out.
I spent a couple hours playing with it before deciding I had to have it.

How many have the Nikon P90 so far? :D

If you have any questions about this camera, post it here!


jack55 Mar 31, 2009 11:05 AM

Ok... here are some of the first shots. I had to use my "cheapie" camera to take these so forgive me if they aren't terrific shots.

Always a good feeling getting a new box... can't wait to open it!

Here is what you get out of the box. I just noticed I forgot to include the charger in photo.

About time Nikon did what the Sony H-50 had! A 3" Tilting LCD.

As with any SuperZoom Cameras, you need lots of memory & a extra battery!

jack55 Mar 31, 2009 4:15 PM

Here are some of the first shots I took today learning to use the new camera.

Two of the very first spring blooms in my backyard

Here is testing the zoom range with this Nikon P90 taking Wide shot of my backyard

... then zooming in on my little pet cemetery

Here shows the real range. Shot from my balcony of downtown Tacoma
You can't even see the yellow crane in this photo that you see in the next one!

Now I'm zooming in and I can even see the bedroom of my folks retirement home. (red star)

WOW! I'm gonna have some fun with this Nikkor ED ZOOM!

jack55 Apr 2, 2009 12:06 PM

On the different forums you see fierce debates vs DSLR & SuperZooms.
So I thought I'd give my input on that as I've had both the DSLR & SuperZoom the past year.

DSLR Pluses:
Interchangeable lenses
Better images in low light past 400 ISO
Better fast action
RAW images

DSLR Minuses:
EXPENSIVE! (try buying the lenses need to match the 460mm range of a superzoom)
Size and Weight! Too bulky when you have to take all the gear with you, especially if you fly or take a bus.


SuperZoom Pluses:
Light. Excellent for taking on Flights or Buses.
Long zoom ranges
Very inexpensive compared to dslr's
The latest SuperZooms are closing the gap (somewhat) between the DSLR's.

SuperZoom minues:
Poor images after 400 ISO
Not as good in fast action shots such as birds.
lenses are attached to the body of the camera and cannot be removed.
Many have no RAW feature.

Now my personal experience is when I was using my DSLR Olympus E-510 with three lenses, I found myself leaving the camera home more and more as I didn't want to pack all that gear with me. When I had the superzoom, I found myself taking the camera everywhere as not to miss any potienial shots. So, I sold my DSLR and went back to the SuperZooms.

NOTE: I've since gotten a Nikon D5000 w/Sigma 50-500mm lens. Mostly because I do a lot of Bird Photography.

To Summarize:
If you are a professional photographer or just want to get the ultimate quality photographs, no matter the cost, size or weight then an SLR with a big telephoto lens is the way to go. If however you are not a professional, or don't have DEEP pockets $$$ and want to take some excellent photography, I would go for a quality Super-zoom camera.

jack55 Apr 2, 2009 4:03 PM

Here are three photo's I took checking out the flash

RichardK Apr 2, 2009 7:50 PM

Hi There. Yes I have had mine for 14 days now. I do love this camera, Shots are clear. I am so impressed with this unit. I was going to buy the olympus 590 but when i compared i found this camer to have MOST of what the 590 offered . Price here in Canada was $150 cheaper than the 590. The Zoom as you have shown is awsome. Going to Hawaii in two weeks, I know this Camera will get a real workout.:G


jack55 Apr 2, 2009 10:51 PM

Nice shots Richard. Glad you like your Nikon P90. It is a great little camera.
It will be nice to sight see around Hawaii with that camera.

How in the heck did Canada get the P90 before the USA? I got the first ones out in the NW.

I'll be posting some available light photos later that I took earlier today.

RichardK Apr 3, 2009 8:58 AM

Hi. I had ordered it about the first of Feb.. I just happened to be in the store, Henrys, and my rep there said, Richard your camera is in. I was amazed. I got it on the 13th March.:DWhat settings are you using on your Pics?

How did Canada get it first, lol, well this is a Modern Country.:cool:We get and do a lot of Firsts.

That is a GREAT Pic of You with the bird on your shoulder.:-)


jack55 Apr 3, 2009 11:33 AM

On all of the pictures taken so far, (including today's photos) I've used the Program mode with no other changes to see just how well the camera does with no adjustments. In above photo's, I've tested the zoom, flash and so far I'm pleased with it. Today's photos with the exception of the first one were taken indoor without flash and hand held.

RichardK Apr 3, 2009 5:31 PM

Excellent pictures Jack. I am so impressed with this camera. I Got a Olympus 590 from the same Store to Compare cameras.

Have to tell you I am disappointed in the Olympus. Feature for Feature the Niokon has the Olympus beat, hands down. Thats my humble opinion anyway.

Have to get the Olympus back to the store within the next few days, the Tec is very good to me in this way. I guess so as I have bought all my cameras from him.:-)


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