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Default upgrade for a very satisfied D70 owner

Greetings from a very satisfied Nikon D70 owner.
When I was 12 my dad taught me the beauty of SLR photography with a Canon TX, which still works fine. 8 years later I purchased a Minolta X-700 with a 1.4 prime lens and discovered the magic of using a great lens especially in people shots. That camera still works perfectly.

In 2000 I spent 1800 for an Olympus E-10. I loved the image quality and the lens. But the camera was very slow and low light performance was poor. I still use it occasionally because I refuse to sell it for 200. So in 2002 I bought a Nikon D70 and it was love at first site. The camera is still like new and I love it. The greatest upgrades were the SB600 flash for bouncing and the 1.8 prime lens. I like the 18-70 kit lens, but for most of my shooting it does not compare to the $99 1.8 prime. I was given a Quantaray 55-200 which is okay when telephoto is an absolute requirement.

I have resisted upgrading the D70. The D200 was tempting but I would have not been happy if I spent 1800 for a D200 body only to see the D300. I have mastered the D70 and am ready to experience another camera. I love the feel of large, heavy, camera bodies such as the D200 and D300. What really matters to me is fast performance (the D70 is not the fastest camera), low light performance (the D70 at 1600 has been great), good build (once used a D50 and it felt like a toy) . Thus I have been considering a number of options:

1) A D300 and keeping my 3 lens. The cameta D300 for 1299 is tempting but I am concerned about the condition of something I would pay close to 1300 for.
2) A D200 from best buys for 599. I would be stepping up from my D70 and still have some money left over to get a better prime lens or perhaps a better zoom. Again I love doing people pictures.
3) A D90 or D5000 body. I would still have some money for a couple of new lens. Only problem is they feel kind of small and lightweight. If I am not mistaken the D70 feels larger.
4) Keeping the D70 and only getting a new prime and zoom lens. I am not sure for prime if I should try the Sigma 30mm 1.4, the Nikon 50mm 1.4, or the Nikon 85mm. Still not sure which zoom would be the best option since I have 2.

Any thoughts or opinions would be most welcome.
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