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Default Almost bought a 10D but....

I got the funds together to get my D100 and went to the local camera emporium yesterday. I brought my microdrive to test and asked to try raw mode. The salesaman setup the display camera, formatted my drive and handed to me to take outside. After four shots it stopped while writing the buffer. A really long time. This was a problem. I aked how I could take it out of compressed raw mode and he said there was no such thing and that the slow write times must be my microdrive. He said he shoots a D100 and I'd have to get a new write accelerated CF card. I was really crushed because the slow raw write times was one of the many critical reasons I was moving up to a DSLR from my dimage 7. With that camera I had to wait 25 seconds between raw shots. The D100 was actually much worse once the buffer filled.

Out of frustration I tried a 10D and verified that my microdrive was not causing the slow write times. I reconsidered the 10D briefly but decided I didn't want to abandon my Nikkor lenses and that I really hated the feel and controls of the 10D. For a while I considered looking at the Oly E-1 they had in stock or trying to find a Pentax *istD but went back to the D100 and finally figured out how to set uncompressed raw it was a different matter. Fortunately I didn't take the salesman's word for it I'm now the owner of a shiny.... well, matte black new D100.
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These sales people should be more knowledgeable about the equipment they sell. Compressed NEF's really aren't usable unless you absolutely need to shoot in raw and storage is a concern. Hope you enjoy your new D100 Mine's got quite a work out since the begining of the year, but now it has to share my hands with my new F100 But now and then I do find myself reaching for that unexistent display button on the back of the F100 :lol:
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What you need then is a D1 or D1H, If you do not print beyond 8X10 often, then D1 is a much better camera
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