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Default Nikon competitor to the Canon Rebel digital SLR?

I was in a camera shop yesterday and the salesperson said the Nikon rep told her that Nikon is coming out with a digital SLR to compete in features and price with the new Canon Rebel, sometime near the end of the year.
Has anyone heard any chatter like this?
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I haven't, but I wouldn't be surprised. Nikon is getting crushed right now in that area of the market. They finally lowered the price of the D100 so that it competes with the 10D. But they have nothing that goes up against the Digital Rebel (price point vs. features.)

Anyone know when the next big tradeshow is?

The flip side to this is that Nikon doesn't want to take away from the D2h, which (although anounced awhile back) is just hitting store shelves. On one hand they wouldn't complete (price of the D2h is much higher) but a new Nikon body could be viewed as taking away press space from the D2h.

I hope they do come out with it and the D2x fairly soon... they could use it.

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I heard somewhere that Nikon had pattented the name D75, so perhaps that could be upcoming sometime soon. Not sure when it will be released, but the next big show is PMA.
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