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Default Nikon "Service" (repair)

I've done the search, found some hits, decided to open this as "new".

I've been a HUGE fan of the Nikon product, until my recent need to fix my CP990. After FINALLY getting an e-mail answer, which basically confirmed my fears I needed to send my camera in, my nightmare began.

It's been 45 days, and my only contact with Nikon has been at my initiative. The ONLY correspondence from Nikon was a request to approve the $170 repair. I went on-line, and approved the repair. (BTW, the very descriptive needed repair was described as "B5".... guess my camera needed vitamins?)

I've called their "support" number 3 times (each wait time averaged 20 minutes!). The first 2 people treated me as if *I* had no business to bother them -- the camera had been repaired, and was shippped back to me.

I escalated yesterday, thinking 2 weeks for shipping was plenty -- they said their repair department had closed the case.... But I STILL HAD NO CAMERA! Ryan said he would check into it, and get back to me within 24 hours. I said I wanted e-mail, he said he would leave voice mail -- I felt his "promise" to be lukewarm, called back, talked to Jennifer (who was very helpful) -- but she only verified the "process" described by Ryan. She also indicated it would be a 24 hour turnaround -- but she at least agreed to take my e-mail address and would send status within the promised 24 hours.

He didn't (leave voice-mail). She didn't (send e-mail).

So, still no camera, and no idea where it is. And not sure how to get past the "service" department to talk to someone with whom this could be escalated.

It's a shame, this is the third Nikon I've owned -- I've LOVED the cameras (I had the 950, the 990, then the 4300).

It takes a lifetime to create customer loyalty... it only takes a day to destroy it.

Anyway, thought I'd share my "experience" with the group.
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I guess I've never ran into this sort of problem because all the camera manufacturers I've dealt with had their headquarters located really close by where I live. The cameras (Olympus, and now Nikon) were always fixed in a timely fashion, and within the specified turnaround time, sometimes sooner than specified. Maybe it's the physical presence that gets more attention than a phone call or e-mail. I realize it's not possible for most people to drop by the manufacturer's service center, but it should be no excuse for them not to properly respond or cater to their customer. Hope you get your 990 back soon.
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I've always found Nikon to be most prompt, friendly and helpful.
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FWIW, I've always had good luck with Nikon Service. I have a Coolscan 4000ED scanner there now and, although I've been a bit impatient, the people in Melville, NY have been great - both on the phone and with email. I guess it's just a matter of WHO you talk to. Supposedly my scanner will be shipped today - keeping my fingers crossed!
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