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maxhavel Aug 5, 2002 5:21 AM

I have my new D-100 now 6 weeks and it is amazing.

Great posibilities and pictures.



Michael Fung Aug 8, 2002 12:15 AM

I have the D100 for several weeks now. Before the D100, I had the Coolpix 990 and 5000.

The D100 is without doubt better than the other two DCs in terms of photo quality and functions. However, I am a bit disappointed to its utmost picture quality. May be I am expecting too much in the first instance.

First of all, the viewfinder image, when comparing to my Nikon F100, is far too dim and small. The ISO200 doesn't annoy me that much. The 1.5x lens factor is good to me for taking long distance shot most of the time.

Their are other cons. There seems to be some problem with the flash metering. You have to increase about 1.5 stops to get a well exposed picture. DP Review did mention that in thier review. The white balance is not spot on all the times. Grain is visible in long exposure.

To get the best result, I shot in raw with minimal sharpening and then process it with Nikon Capture 3.

I have seen photo taken by D60. the straight out photo is much better (correct) than the D100. Comparing to the photo taken by D1X and D1H downloaded from the Web, I do not seem to get the same degree of quality. May be that's why the D1X is more expansive.

I am still figuring how to get the most from the D100. Wished that other user of D100 could share their experience.


sjms Aug 8, 2002 9:37 AM

the D1x internal image filtering is much more detailed then that of th d100. this just demonstrates that more pixels do not make a better picture.

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ashenfie Aug 8, 2002 9:42 AM

The D100 is based on the F80 and not the F100. The metering system is a cutdown version along with viewfinder. Not sure what lens you have, but I sure you noticed how slowly it focus's them.
In film turms you have a very costly F80

I have an F80 and like it, I also have an S2pro and it's exel.

The advantage comes in the digital darkroom where I can make changes or just print!

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