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Default Nikon Wideangle/3x Telephoto and Coolpix filter pack questio

Sorry for the long title.

I have a few questions on the listed items I was hoping some of you could chime in on with opinions and suggestions.

1) If I am using the UV filter, could I add the tele or wide lens to the filter or do I need to add the lens and buy filters for the new lenses?

The reason I wonder is the 4 filter pack has some filters with threads on the end, but when I put on the UV and then added the polarization filter the corner warp was far worse than with just the polarizer.

2) In your experience would a wideangle or 3x tele be more useful in most shooting situations?

I know the answer to this one is it depends on what I am shooting and I can see how both will be useful in different conditions, but if I were to only get one first, what would you suggest?

Thanks for any help and input!
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1. You need to remove any filters to your "prime" lens before using the auxilary lenses. They are designed to be used with nothing between them and the native lens. Anything in between will change the distance where the aux. lens sit, causing distortions and out of focus, especially at the corner for the WA.

2. Like you said, ard to say. It all depends on what you likt to photograph, secenary or objects/people. Personally I use the WA more.
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Default Get Both

Get both of those lenses, they are fantastic and sharp. I love the 3x myself, cause the reach it gives me is incredible, plus it is nice for portraits shots with it's shallow depth of field.
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Thanks MK and Daniel.

I figure I would need to remove the small filters in order to use the add on lenses, but why are there threads on the end of some filters? Looks or does it serve some other purpose I don't know about.

Buying both lenses is most likely the plan in the long run, but the camera, extra batteries, CF cards, filters, case, etc., have hit my fun money budget and I'll need to go into savings mode for a bit.

The Wideangle does seem to work well in more situations and I have read nothing negative about it.

The tele would be great, but I have read it only focuses well when you are really zoomed out and there were a few negative comments about weight, focus, and the 3x is also $130 or so more expensive, so picking the wideangle for now seems to make sense in my situation.
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Default 3x Telephoto Soft focus

I have a CoolPix 5000. I purchased both the wide angle and the 3x telephoto lenses. I think the wide angle lense is a much better buy than the 3x telephoto. It's picutures are very sharp and the CP5000's red noise problem in blue sky goes away. The tele-photo's pictures are somewhat soft ; you are forced to use the 1.2 digital magnification setting. I have had slightly better results using the normal setting when using the 3x tele-photo. Both Lens are very well made, but they are also expensive.
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