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Default battery and zoom prob

I have got a nikon 4300 and i am really pleased with it , but i have found two faults that maybe someone can help me with.

1. The battery life of the battery that comes with the camera is very short , can anyone recommend a better battery that will last a lot longer.?
2. I knew when i bought the camera that the optical zoom is only x3 and normally it is enough, but i have found that sometimes i need more zoom can anyone recommend some add-ons (lenses).

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I doubt you'll be able to find a battery that significantly increases the life of the camera unless you get an externel battery pack that you clip on your belt such as the one that Steve reccomends in his review, MAHA POWERBank. They clain it provides double the life. I've merely bought me a spare rechargable battery becuase I don't want to clip one to my belt and I find that does me well most of the time. As far as lenes go, you can buy a 2x lens on nikonmall.com for $150. The 3x on the other hand is $250
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