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Default Tips for teleconverter on 5400

Hi everyone, just purchased the teleconverter lens TC-E15ED for my coolpix 5400, I've noticed that I need alot more light in order to use it, it works great outdoors but indoors pictures are very dark. Does anyone have any suggestions. I'd like to use it when taking pictures at school plays, theater, etc...
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anyone??????????? please!
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I am not sure if this link will help but it proably will not hurt:

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I've just joined the board recently, so forgive me if you've already worked out the answer to this.

By adding the tele converter, you are effectively reducing the aperture (lens opening). Hence the need for "more" light.

The amount of light that a lens lets in is governed by two factors: the focal length, and the diaphragm opening. Dividing the focal length by the diaphragm opening gives you the "f-stop" used. For example, a 50mm lens with a diaphragm of 25mm is open to "f-2" (50 divided by 25). If this was a zoom lens, and if the diaphragm did not change, zooming to say 100mm would actuially reduce the f-stop to f-4 (100 divided by 25).

In the case of the TC-E15, you are taking the lens from, say,100mm to 150mm, but the diaphragm is not opening up anymore to compensate. In effect, therefore, you are closing down the diaphragm. If the lens was open at f4 at 100mm, using the converter tot ake it to 150mm actually "closes" the lens down to f6.
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