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Default 5700 or 8700

The million dollar question...
if I don't own the 5700, should wait for the 8700?
I would rather have a manual focus ring on the 8700 than the scene selection.

just tell me how you feel. from what I have seen posted so far...people aren't really impressed by the 8700. but then again we haven't seen any pictures from the 8700.

Whatever camera I get will be outdated within twenty minutes of buying it so I don't really care about it being old or anything.
I just want whatever camera I get to be a good all around solid camera that can take pics of just about anything under several different conditions.

If I need to be more clear, please let me know.

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Old Feb 13, 2004, 9:11 PM   #22
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I posted some questions on:


It looks like there is more discussion on this board. If you can answer any of these questions, I would appreciate it.

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Old Feb 15, 2004, 3:20 PM   #23
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Please please tell me that the 8700 will be available in the U.S. in early March... I live in Hungary, Central Europe, where personal incomes are much lower and digicam prices are 50% higher than in the U.S. But a friend of mine is travelling to Washington D.C. around March 1 and knows a good digicam store there. He promised to bring me the camera I want.

So when do you think this 8700 will arrive in U.S. shops?
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Old Feb 16, 2004, 3:36 PM   #24
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Default Re: Ya Gotta Love'em

Originally Posted by PetreTG
I feel your pain and am also irritated with Nikon .... in my case due to their decision to release the D70 in form that is actually superior in almost every area to the D100 I just bought.

I don't understand why Nikon would leapfrog their own camera .

What really amazes me is that they are planning on selling the D70 for $500 less than the D100 knowing it's the inferior camera to the D70 now by the Techs own admission (As I spoke to Nikon)


I spent more for the D100 because I thought the D70 would be inferior .... now I feel like I've been bamboozled.

Come on guys -- it is always newer, better and for less $$

That's the nature of the beast. The D100 is two years old, it had to be updated and Nikon had to fight off the $999 Digital Rebel from Canon. Not only did they fight it off -- they have shot it square in the ass. The D70 isn't a strippped down D100, it is an improved D100 with newer guts and brain. Technology moves forward and the price goes down, welcome to 2004 !

You never buy any new camera within a month or two of a major photo show because you know something better is going to show up. And it always does.

Buy a D70 now and by September when the Photokina show cranks up you'll probably be disappointed yet again. It doesn't make the D100 any less of a camera -- I love mine and thousands of other photographers use theirs every day ...

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Old Feb 16, 2004, 4:20 PM   #25
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The D70 is not even available yet, and the stores here are starting to offer redueced prices and discounts on it.

Henrys is pre-selling the NIKON D70 W/DX 18-70MM (SPRING '04) for 1999$. (100$off).

Vistek is offering similar discouts on th f828, but wants 1900$ for the D70 without lense.

Cameras haven't even made it to the stores and they are already trying to unload them.
I guess it is good for buyers

:twisted: All prices quoted in Canadian loonies :twisted:
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Old Feb 16, 2004, 9:10 PM   #26
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It seems that several manufacturers have had press releases announcing similar cameras in the past week. (Probably corresponding to the show you are all discussing).

Could anyone comment on your knowledge or experiences with similar makes of the following cameras:

Nikon Coolpix 8700
(8mp, 8x optical zoom)

Minolta Dimage A2 (8mp, 7x optical zoom, image stabilization)
Saw press release, did not see this model on their web page

Canon Powershot Pro 1 (8mp, 7x optical zoom, L lens)http://www.powershot.com/powershot2/pro1/intro.html

(I have pretty much ruled out the Sony based on what I have seen)
(I have also almost ruled out the Fuji's based on some of the unusual traits (like 200 iso minimum manual settings, and some concerns with the Super CCD), jpeg compression, downsampling, for lower resolution photos, etc.

I am considering the nikon, canon, and minolta cameras and it seems that these are beginning to address some concerns I have had. They seem to be performing better on the autofocus speed and low-light capability. The EVFs are getting substantially higher resolutions - I think the Minolta's is twice the resolution of the Canon. I prefer use of rechargeable AA batteries, but expect most of these use proprietary batteries. I don't know how much difference the media type makes, but I was impressed with xD, and I'm not sure what most of these use, other than the Nikon use of CF.

I am very interested in input on any of the above. I am also concerned about chromatic aberration as was evident on the Sony. I think I read the Nikon 8700 uses a Sony sensor??? and would put that as a significant factor on my image quality list.

Thanks for any input!
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I was able to play with all of those cameras at the PMA show in Las Vegas, and to my knowledge, all the cameras were not production models, so it would not be fair to pass judgement. All of the cameras you mentioned would be a good choice. 8)

I've always been a Nikon fan, but have to admit that the new Canon S1 Pro and Olympus 8080 look good with their wide angle lenses (28mm eqv) . The more I think about this, the more I want the Nikon D70, and will sell my Kodak DC 4800 and purchase a smaller P&S for fun. The new Nikon 3200, 4200, and 5200 cameras are all great choices. I am even looking at the Canon S500 so I can use my CF cards and not have to spend $$$$ on SD memory.
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Default 8700 lens minimum aperature in MACRO mode?

I've been using a Nikon Coolpix 995 for almost 3 years and am ready to upgrade. My recent interests in photography have moved from digiscoping into some very tight macro work.

In particular, I need to maximize my depth of field when in macro mode and I wanted to know what is the MINIMUM aperature of the lens. Anyone know? All the specs I've seen only talk about the MAXIMUM (f/2.8 - f/4.2).

Will this system reach f/16? At what point in the zoom range does the camera get minimum aperature (1x - 8x)?

Thanks in advance!
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