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Default Nikon announces new model

Has anyone heard of the new 8mp model that Nikon just announced?
It looks a lot like the 5700, but has 8mp and some improvements, like AF assist...and it has a tentative February '04 release! I think it's being called the 8700....
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Nikon's Japan site says the Coolpix 8700 is slated for release on Valentine's day.

It has an "8MP 2/3" CCD (resolution 3,2642,448 pixels), an 8x Nikor zoom lens, newly developed proprietary system LSI and image processing algorithm. This image processing engine makes possible natural color rendention loyal to the photographer's design. thin low-pas filter for exceptional true color rendition . . ."
Macro down to 3cm (at middle zoom position); with lens at full zoom, macro is possible down to 50cm. Holding the shutter depressed allows up to 10 continuous photographs, with a "Best Shot Selector" function allowing you to select the best one of the ten for recording. Full manual controls and everything else but the kitchen sink. Looks very nice. --But I dunna wanna ask the price.

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Default Ya Gotta Love'em

I 've been struggling with the 5700 for a few months now and have got it about under control.

Now Nikon comes along with a "New" 8700.
Same body
Same external controls
Same lens

Low Light assist flash
8 Mp.
Software (Firmware) driven processing to speed things up.

Pretty much SAME everything else !!

All things they could have provided in their original CoolPics 5700.

The sad part is that there will be new users that fall for it and believe it is a answer to all the P&S problems.

I sit here with a suddenly out of date piece of equipment, after being told that the 5700 was the Flagship of Nikons P&S quality of Cameras. Sure doesn't build my confidence in their product much.

Complaining - you bet !! I worked awfully hard for the money I spent. Now they throw a Limp carrot out to attract new buyers.
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Old Jan 28, 2004, 2:50 PM   #4
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Stuff is obsolete as soon as you can buy it, another 6 months and there will be 10mp versions . Waste of time&cash unless you plan to print everything really big.
I would have prefered a 5mp with a 16bit pixel depth instead

The AF assist light may be nice, but if the 2/3 - 8mp sensor is the same one Sony used I would not want the camera. Too many pixels in too little real-estate makes for noisy images.

Check the sony forum for what people think about that camera. It seems to have helped made good sales for Canons d-rebel. Maybe this one will too. :?

I think it is time the race for the most mp is over and the manfacturers should be concentrating on improving and fixing the serious shortcommings of their current P&S cameras.
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Old Jan 28, 2004, 3:01 PM   #5
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Default Yes,

PeterP you are right..... :idea:

It's Megapixelmania, it's crazy..... :shock:

Where it will end at 50MP... or more... :?
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Old Jan 28, 2004, 3:05 PM   #6
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The Conqueror.
I think you replied as I was editing my last post adding the last lines.

But we have the same thought
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Default Read our Coolpx 8700 First Look!

You mean this Coolpix

Read our exclusive Coolpix 8700 First Look

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Interesting, not sure if they made a mistake but the Nikon Canada web page no longer directly lists any of the 5*00 series cameras

The models listed now(today) are MSV-01, 2200, 3200, 3700, 4300, 8700, D70, d100, d2h. You have to dig in some menus to find the 5*00's.
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Let's see if the 8700's 2/3 sensor can handle the 3 extra MP correctly.

Personally, I'd run it at 3 to 5 MP to save space on memory as 8MP is overkill for most shots. 5MP is enough to make a great 13x19 (my printers limit). Also, 95% of the time I don't print, when I do the remaining 4.9% are 4x6s.... 0.1% "might be' 8x10 to 13x19. Certainly do not want to scroll up and down on my 1280x1024 monitor to view a 3264x2448 image ;-)

It's all a numbers game...

MPs are the GHz of the camera world. More is better right? Wrong, a slow hard drive will be the bottleneck...that being said, I think camera companies should consentrate on lag time, write speeds, etc.
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Default Hey Steve!!!!

Hey Steve!

For a test photo please shoot a tree line (with leaves if possible) I do a lot of fall photos and that's the one photo type at 13 x 19 that I think 5 mp is not enough at times. Thanks

All the best 8)
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