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Default Made in Korea Coolpix 5400

I have read of a number of "issues" with the Korean made model of the Coolpix 5400. The store that i normally deal with, has only Korean models in stock. Are any of you Coolpix 5400 owners happy with your Korean made 5400s? All my other Nikon equipment is Made in Japan. No Problems with any of it. Should I be overly concerned with buying on that is made in Korea? Any input or comments to this dilemma would surely be appreciated. Thanks...Bernard...(bk)
P.S. The camera on the main review is Made in Korea. It seemed to perform well in it's review.
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Too many people are overly concerned with the country of origin for their cameras. Nikon is not going to jepordize their reputation by selling an inferior product from a factory in another country. If you look at all the manufacturers, Fuji produces more cameras in Japan than other companies (my observation). Usually, the most expensive "Flagship" professionial models are made in Japan.

This is true of Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Olympus, etc. etc. etc . . . .

A Korean 5400 should perform just fine.
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I agree with digital dawg, do not worry about the country of assembly. Nikon still controls the quality control procedures. I can remember when stuff made in Japan was consider junk.
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Actually I'm of the other train of thought - country of manufacture plays a great role of whether I perceive the item to be worth the asking price compared to its competition.

Although 90% of the time you may not directly notice a difference due purely to country of manufacture, there will inevitably be differences in QC and inherently sample to sample variation. eg from the automotive industry: BMW X5, US made have far inferior build quality compared to German made models (sorry to knock all you American readers, I don't mean to offend), Thailand made Honda Accords, etc.
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