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Default Nikon Coolpix 4500 problem

Hello, I have a somewhat serious problem with my Coolpix 4500. When I power it up it only shows the hourglass in the screen. then it says " System Error". Then none of the functions work. I am at a loss to know what is wrong or how to correct it. Any help and advise would be appreciated.
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This is what I found on Nikon's tech support site:

Having a "System Error" message display on the camera's LCD display generally indicates a problem where the camera will need to come to Nikon for repair. A System Error is a general error which can be caused by many things: lens problem, CF Card problem, general camera failure, etc. Before sending the camera in, check these:

1. Use the memory card that originally came with the camera (or a Nikon approved card)
2. Remove and replace the battery

If the error is still displayed, contact Nikon's Service Department (below). If the above tips do not help the camera must be sent to Nikon Service, there are no user serviceable parts on Nikon Coolpix cameras.
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Thanks Michael, I will try what you described. Ted
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Old Jul 21, 2006, 11:23 AM   #4
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If its out of warranty and only fit for the bin. Then it may be worth trying to repair this 'system error' thing.

If you eject and reinstate the battery a few times and you get the message 'remove lens cap'- then its likely the system error is caused by the lens barrel being locked into the actuating cogs. Even if you cant get the 'remove lens cap thing, then I still suspect the following may sort the problem.

Split the two halves of the camera after removing ALL visible screws. The two halves will be still be physicallyattached by the power button ribbon to the other half of the camera.

Revove the 4 screws that hold the barrel in place. Ease the barrel out of location- IE away from the actuating mechanism/cogs. Power up to run mechanism. Reinstate barrel. Dont overtighten screws.

Camera now working fine. Its an 885 but same principles for other models. Ive repeated this for a second time when it happened again- and still in use nearly 5 years later- used by my young horse mad daughter-She loves the camera.


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An old thread, but the answer to the problem with my old Coolpix 885 was spot on. Thanks Clivey. Looking forward to a few thousand more snaps.

Now my eyes are still hurting from the operation, so time for a beer.

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Hi - I have had a Nikon Coolpix 4500 for 18 months with absolutely no
problems. I went to turn it on today and - nothing! The green light did
not come on and the camera did not power up. Thinking bad thoughts
about the battery, I replaced it with a fully charged battery. Still no
luck. Is there some sort of power switch override or fuse or other
control that I am missing?
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Default I just hate it when I have spare parts left over!!

Clivey's post on how to repair Nikon 4500 coolpix was great. I was able to get the barrel apart and reset.
However, I have a problem with the view finder. It does not zoom in and out with the lense now. I have two small round shims (like very thin washers), 1 more similar round shim but with a square hole, and a small flat U shaped piece with 3 small holes in it and a copper colored dot of paint on it. I am sure these are related to the zoom not functioning.

I just hate it when I have spare parts left over!!

If you have any good advice, I would appreciate the help?
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