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Default D7000 Need Advise

Hope every body in this form is doing well.
I have Nikon D7000 with 18 to 105mm lens. Yesterday night i took some shots & i found that the picture is good but the details of picture is not so good. I mean if you will zoom in the picture you will not able to see the buildings so sharp, however the buildings on left hand side are little sharp.

Please have alook on attached pic & suggest what should i do in order to get sharpness in detail ( i mean every part in picture should be sharp )

Settings on the camera was:
Mode = Manual
Shutter Speed 25"-30"
Aperture 4.5
ISO 200

Attached Images
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Hey isn't that Dubai? haha I've seen that building in the middle with the wind mills somewhere before haha. If it is you know what would also make a good pic? That spiral building, I know its somewhere in dubi also, but that would have been a cool pic... if I had my camera with me when I was there. So dissapointed

Anyway, I don't claim to be a expert at photography at all much less do I have much experience taking these kind of shots but I do know that aperature plays a huge role in sharpness. I hear people say that its the lens that controls how good your image is (e.g. the quality of the glass) but compairing a 2000 dollar lens to a 100 dollar lens is futile if the aperatures arint the same. At that point you are compairing aperatures, not the difference in the lenses.

"So most lenses are their sharpest from two stops below maximum to about f/8. Avoid apertures smaller than f/8 because diffraction softens them."

"Diffraction is a loss of sharpness or resolution caused by photographing with small f/stops. The same softening effect happens when photographing through diffusion cloth or window screens."

-- Ken Rockwell

But with that if your aperature is too wide then it seems to soften the image or make it hazy. Too small and its gonna obviously as stated get blurry. This is clearly depicted in what Ken wrote. I used him a lot when learning and I sometimes still go back to his site for his imput on Nikkor lenses as well as when I am trying to shoot something new.

Also you might want to read up on Depth of Feild and how aperature affects it. I noticed that the left more sharp buildings on the left were also the closest to you and you were looking down the water at buildings farther away which so happend to be on the right. You can always upgrade the lens from the kit lens you have now which is bound to help a little but again the effects of your aperature are far more important.

I hope that helps and I would love to hear of your findings. Good luck!
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That's a long exposure so I assume it was taken using a tripod. Camera shake can blur an image. When using a long exposure it's worth firing the shutter with a remote, if you don't have one use the timer so you're not going to move the camera as you press the shutter, also use the mirror up option so the vibration caused by the mirror flipping up has died down before the shutter opens, the vr on the lens will help with this. Finally you don't mention what focal length you are using, you'll get more depth of field and less camera shake at 18mm than you will at 105mm.

Hope this helps,
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Good morning, did you have the VR turned off? I have read that if using VR on a tripod that the lens will hunt for vibration even if there isn't any and this can affect image quality.
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