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Hi there everyone - Question: Has any CP4500 owner/user experienced a "sticky" multiselector button? When pushing it up or down while trying to reach a menu item, my multiselector seems to "stick" and begin a wild, rolling scroll thru all the menu items without stopping until I get hold of the button between two fingernails and toggle it back to the center position. This is not easy - that button is tiny. I have written Nikon Tech about it. Meanwhile, does anyone have a suggestion? Other than that, as a past owner of a CP900 and a CP995, I can't say enough great things about my new CP4500 - what a terrific digicam! EVERYTHING is better over the 990/995, especially the colour accuracy. And those few extra megapix make quite a lot of difference in the final printouts. I chose the 4500 over the 5700 because of the 4500's swiveling lens which I like better than the 5700's swiveling LCD when doing macro nature shots. Cheers - agblum
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Glad you like your 4500. I also love mine and think it was well worth the wait. I have wanted a swivel Nikon since I saw the 950 a friend had many years ago.

On the multiselector problem I don't experience what you are describing. My button always snaps to center and there his a 'click,' feel when you move it to other positions, but it always pulls back to center and I have not seen the problems you are describing.

It almost sounds like the center return spring on your unit is missing or damaged.

Think you could go back to the store and exchange for a new one if that is the problem?

Best of luck fellow 4500 owner!
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Thanks, Jaseball! I think you're correct about there being a damaged spring
mechanism in my CP4500 multiselector. I feel the "click" when toggling it,
but I do not get the "spring back" to the center in 3 of the 4 positions.
I bought it online and
can probably send it back for an exchange. Or, since it is under warranty, I
could send it off to Nikon Tech. Either way, I'm sure gonna miss it for those
couple of weeks it takes to remedy this problem!! Sadly, Agblum
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