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Default batteries for new coolpix 2200?

Hi, this is my first post about my first digital camera. I got the Nikon coolpix 2200 yesterday, and i'm loving it. I've got a question about the batteries. It came with two AA alkalines which i used up just playing with the camera and taking a few shots last night and this morning. So i put in a couple more AA's. I know I'm going to need to go with rechargables, but my question is, do I need to use the Nikon EN-MH1 batteries and charger that the manual says I need to use, if I go with NiMH batteries? Or can I use any NiMH rechargables? I ask because i read a couple of reviews elsewhere from people who were very unhappy with the performance of the Nikon batteries and charger. Yet I don't want to do anything wrong with my brand new, very first digicam.

Great camera! I haven't seen too many reviews yet of it, but i'm having a great time with it right out the box. very easy to use.

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Bought my Nikon 2200 within last coupla weeks...found the best charger/battery combo for MY needs was the CH-4900 Digital Concepts/Sakar from Wal-Mart at $18 or so...comes with 4 AA's that say 2200 mAh and unit is VERY light weight and is overseas 50hz compatible...the weight issue was prime factor....it takes about 90 min to charge...not that quick but weight makes up for it...I can carry it and camera in mini case and combo weighs LESS than my old 35mm point-n-shoot...

Had to go to another store to get that specific model...don't get the similar CH-3900...it's cheaper BUT MUCH heavier and has smaller capacity batteries

I wouldn't worry about using non-Nikon batteries...the book says not to use them BUT then Nikon doesn'teven supply a NIKONbrand in package so they have broken their own rules!

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You can use any brand NiMH rechargeable AA batteries you want

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I agree with Steve, use whatever brand you want. However, I can remember reading some posts from a different manufacturer, claiming that the warranty was voided if using non-Alkaline Batteries.:sad:

This was an inexpensive digicam, and apparently the circuitry needed the full voltage offered by Alkalines. Keep in mind that Alkaline Batteries are 1.5 Volts. Whereas, NiMH batteries are only 1.2 Volts. So, if you're using a camera that take 4 AA batteries, you'll only get 5 Volts from 4 NiMH Batteries (in series), versus 6 Volts from 4 AA Alkaline Batteries.

So, if a camera was too picky on the exact voltage, then NiMH batteries could present a problem.

But, virtually all digicams can use NiMH batteries with no problems now (and they will FAR outlast Alkalines.

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Nikon does however, in a badly worded typed last-minute insert, warn against using Eveready CRV-3 in these as the design is different...I just now finally saw one in store and see that those terminals are unlike other CRV-3's...

And these cameras have a set-up option where you specify type of battery installedto better measure"low " status...have not used any other than the NiMH yet so not sure how it mayhelp..
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