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Default Nikon CP 5700 vs D100

I have read all the pros & cons about the CP5700. Would it be better to invest in the D100? As for the D100 - I have heard conflicting stories regarding the lenses. I was told that it could use any Nikon lens whether it is a lens from the SLR or not. Then, someone else told me that it would use any Nikon lens as long as it is automatic focus. Does anyone know what lens would give me the same zoom as the CP5700. I getting ready to make my purchase and wasn't sure which way to go. I figured with all the extras both cameras offer that I could only do one thing - that is to grow into it.
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Default lenses

i'm pretty sure you can't buy just a single lense that would have same range as the CP5700 (35-280mm) .. that's just too much in a lense. however you could get a wide angle zoom lense (28-105mm or 24-120mm) and a telephoto zoom lense (70-300mm) then it will give your d100 a full range from 36/42-450mm. that's the cheapest way to go for the D100 starter lense. however, if you dont have anylenses yet, you might want to get a prime lense such as the 50mm or even the 85mm. i have the 24-120mm/70-300mmED/85mm and the 85mm give me the sharpest pics out of those 3. the d100 is known for its soft pictures (image sharpness out of the d100 on 70-300 is quite a bit softer than out of my f100 w/ 70-300mm), so you might want some post image processing programs, such as photoshop as well.
about the lense compatibility w/ the
the d100 should accept all lenses that are meant to be built for use on any other nikon cameras on the market.
d100, to my knowledge, since it's built off the n80 body, like the n80, it will accept ALL Nikkor AutoFocus lenses (AF) and MOST manual focus lenses (AI, AI-S). also, i dont think you can use 3D matrix metering w/ the AF lenses also. this website has more info on it as well.
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Aside from all other issues, it is obvious that the D100 is a work in transition ... as is the 5700. If you buy the D100, you will be replacing it with a full frame dSLR sooner ar later at a price of at least 2k.

The 5700 will pass too, but it will only cost you a grand adn the next gen of 5700 will be fine tuning .. better focus ring, maybe a more flexible viewfinder, better batteries, .....
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What I'll like about Steves approach is with the cheaper prosumer cameras, one doesn't need to be as loyal or partisan to one brand over another because of their lens legacy... On the next generation one is free again to pick whichever camera is best since most likely for cost reason alone, they'll be coming all-in-one again, regardless of brand (... until this industry mature)
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