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Default Which to get: Nikon D70 vs Olympus C-8080 ?

I realize this may be highly dependent upon one's intended use, and that it's not exactly an apples-to-apples comparison, but.. I'm in a quandary as to whether to spring for the new Nikon D70, at $1300, or whether the Olympus C-8080 ($850 street) would be just as good as a general-purpose digicam. What are y'all's thoughts - anyone have any comparative experiences with these two cameras?

I only have 'some' photography experience. I realize the Olympus is not an SLR, but the reviews seem to indicate it's plenty quick to powerup and recycle and that the picture quality is top notch. The menu system looks way-cool, and the 5x zoom, video, histogram, etc. sounds like a winner.
But, if the Nikon D70 would be a substantial improvement in quality results, or the ability to quickly nab a photo-opportunity, I can spend the extra if it's worth it. My last camera was a Nikon Coolpix 990, which I loved.

I'm not a photography professional, but I love to collect good photos from travels, special events, of fascinating architecture and of nature and animals, and portraits of beautiful women. Night shots are important, as is portability (I assume for THAT I'll need a 2nd, micro-tiny model). For someone who's not a full-time prof photographer making a living at it, is a Nikon D70 overkill?

All advice is appreciated - thanx.

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I saw your post. I too am looking for a new digital camera. I now own a Nikon Coolpix 800, which is a 2.0 megapixal. I have had great luck with it these last 3 years. I have been watching all the hype when Nikon said that the D-70 was going to come out in March 2004. I too am wondering if it's worth the extra money.
The Olympus C-8080 is a 8.0 m.p. and the D-70 is a 6.0 m.p. From what I read from Steve's reviews, they are both great cameras.
Check out offerings at Ebay. Some are selling a kit which includes a Nikon lense and 1-2 gigabit card also.
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The decision should be based on what type of photography you will need. If you plan on alot of action photos, quick shutter time, and low light photography then the DSLR is a better camera choice. If you do not want to carry the extra lens and equipment then look at digital camera similar to the C8080. You can take actions shots and low light shots with a standard digital but it you will need to practice. I would not spend the extra money on a DSLR unless you want to invest alot of time into learning photography.
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