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Default Pro who wants to go digital

I am a pro who wants to go digital and am new to your forum. Just would like to hear from any pros out there who have made the jump. What camera do you recomend, how many mega pixels etc. My work is mostly in Wedding and Senior Portriats and groups. Really I will do anything that comes my way so I like a camera that will meet my needs, tuff and reliable. I am currently using Hasselblads which I have grown very fond of, in fact if i could find a cheap digital back for my Blads I would buy one if there was such an animal. Also your thoughts on external flashes.
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I do weddings with a D100 + grip and an F100. The D100 serves my needs pretty well, I hardly print larger than 11x14, and when enlarging to say, 16x20, I shoot raw and interpolate to 10 megapixels (from 6 megapixels straight from camera). The camera is durable, but not as solidly built as the F100. I use the D100 and grip on a Custom Brackets QRS-35H and when I turn the camera body on the bracket, I notice the build quality difference. But it all boils down to image quality. Today I showed customers one of my prints from the D100, a 16x20 shot in raw then interpolated and converted to jpg for printing on a Fuji Frontier. They could not believe it was a digital print But I do intend to upgrade to a more professional Nikon body that's supposed to come out after the Olympics (D2x at long last?). The New Kodak SLR/n has 14 megapixels to print beyond 11x14's and 16x20's, but it's not a speed champ as a Nikon D2h or Canon 1D MkII. Since you're starting from zero in the digital field, keeps your options open.

Oh, and about flashes, I currently use an SB-80DX on the D100 and a Metz 54MZ-3 on the F-100. I feel that the Metz has slightly more constant output from the same 4 AA NiMH's I use in both of them. I am in the process of aquiring a 40W Digital Camera Battery to feed a new SB-800, keeping the SB-80DX as backup or as a remote slave.
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See if you can find a copy of DigitalPhotoPro. Each issue features several high profile pros who have gone, or are in the process of going digital.
The current issue covers Seth Resnick, Art Wolfe, and Pete Turner among others.

I have to use both digital (my preference now) and film for some clients who still insist on getting the original slide.

Whoever pays the bills gets what they want
But I'm expecting that demand/need for film to end over the next couple of years.

Cheap and digital back are not words that are usually seen together in the same sentence
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