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Default Coolpix 8700 the deal!

I purchased a coolpix 8700 after borrowing a 5700 for a month. Now I was impressed with the 5700 capability and opted for the 8700 purely because i deemed it as a newer model which of course it is! I have taken sever pics and had to compare....
Not a huge leap I reckon. The images are of course bigger and are a more noisey. However it's the whole package the noise increase is small but apparent when pic taken in low light (even with flash). There are more features with the coolpix 8700 that arent in the 5700 such as fat32 support AF illuminator and extras in the menus. Video capture is also improved - though it aint no video camera and i view this purely as a bouns. The time lapse features I have found to be great!

Not so much a q. but more clarification.

Overall I am v. pleased with my purchase and don't regret. Even though I could have bought a 5700 for less than half. (try ebay)
Comments welcome.
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I pre-ordered my 8700 on my birthday in February '04 and picked it up on March 1st. I have taken, according to the "frame" counter, 6895 images. I couldn't be happier. This coming from a photographer of thirty years, who was brought up shooting mainly Kodachrom 25 slide film. I have setup two custom settings. The first, custom setting 1 is for outdoor images. My default ISO is 50. I LOVE the lack of noise at that ISO. The 100 ISO is also good, The second custom setting (2) is for FLASH use only at ISO 100. I always overexpose +.3 of a stop in flash. I find that setting, when using flash to be the "sweet spot". I do not use any of the in-camera post-processing features available in the 8700. This is my second digial camera in addition to various Minolta bodies and Minolta lenses ranging from the original Minolta 16mm Fisheye Rokkor to a 1000 mm Celestron Telescope/telephoto lens. Just as an FYI I haven't touched the 35mm stuff in about two or more years!
I have not used any of the scene modes as I find they often don't do it for me. II'm a hands on person and like to make the settings myself.
Couldn't be happier with the camera - as if you couldn't tell, right?
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Can either of you tell me if your 8700 has any play in the lens housing when you turn it on?

Mine seems to have a little bit of up and down slop when in the default on position with the zoom all the way out. If you put your finger under the front of the extended lens assembly I get about 1/16th of an inch of up and down motion. I was just wondering if that is normal.

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