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Default battery problem

I have bought a nikon coolpix 4300 and i am quite disappointed with my choice of camera.
The camera itself is great but the life span of the battery is very short .compared to other camera's on the market it is quite a joke .
. Are nikon aware of this problem ?
I know of the maha but i dont really want to be carrying around with me access luguage . Normally i just go out with the camera and thats it , but by the end of the day the battery is dead.
Does anyone have a solution for me apart from buying an extra battery or taking pictures without the flash or the monitor off?

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I bought two extra batteries off ebay for less than $20 including shipping. Here is a link


These batteries perform as well as the original Nikon.
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Thanks for the site but i dont really want to start carrying around with me loads of battery's . I normally like to travel light ( just the camera ) . Is there some internal battery that will give me the power i am looking for like on other camera's for example the fuji filmpix 5000 ( the battery on that thing just never runs out)??????

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it's either an external power pack or extra rechargeable lithium batteries. If you're looking for something better than a rechargeable lithium battery it doesn't exist.

the biggest drain with any digital camera is the LCD monitor.
turn that off and you save a chunk of battery power.
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I use the coolpix 5700 and have bought many extra batteries on ebay, usually around $10 or so each, so cost isn't a biggie. There are some that are higher mAmps? than others. They are so small that I just stick one extra in my pocket if I am going to be away from my nice Nikon leather case that will hold 5 batteries in the front pocket and severalCF cards in the inner pocket. I also mostly use the EVF when shooting as I am an old SLR doginstead of theLCD unless I need an unusual angle, like mushrooms in the grass, and I LOVE the swivel feature and use it often. My camera is set to go to sleep after 1 min of no activity and yes, I will go through several batteries when shooting something like a Rodeo or several hour sports event, but I can do so quickly and it sure beats changing film. I found a belt pouch at a garage sale for 50 cents that will hold 3 batteries perfectly and I put a number on each battery so I use them in rotation. If I use up battery no.4 , I know to use no 5 next. I actually now have nine, but 3 of them won't hold a charge for long anymore, but I will bring them along sometimes if I am not shooting a major event, just to squeeze a few more exposures out of them. If changing batteries is a hassel for you, get the big battery pack that goes on the bottom of the camera, I have seen them and they are made of plastic, so not exactly bullet proof.

I still use my "old" Sony dsc s-70 3.3 Mpixel camera and the batteries are larger and seem to last longer. I have 5 batteries and 2 of them are in the recycle bin, but they last longer than the EN EL-1 Nikon batteries. That zeiss lens is so sharp that I still use and am happy with shots from it. My wife likes it and we use it mostly for family pics. The disadvantage is the slow write time and shutter delay. so it doesn't cut it for action, but I like it better for macro shots than the coolpix 5700. Also the sony will automatically shoot a full res shot, and in another folder write a low res version perfect for email. This is a real time saver if I have lots of shots to email or use for the web, and don't want to reduce image sizes in Pshop.The pic of the Hawaiianhale (that's Ha'-lay, not rhyme with hail) here on the Big Island is such a "low res" shot. The Hi res version makes a beautiful 8x10 print. Good luck shooting. Jock

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