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Default Question: Coolpix4500 dig. Zoom

On Steveīs Digicam Site I found out, that the camera Nikon Coolpix 4500 has an 4x stepless digital Zoom! But the model which is discribed is the US Version of the camera! I am from Vienna, Austria, and yesterday I saw that the dig. Zoom isnīt stepless! You can only zoom in four big steps! Today I called helpdesk to ask for it, and the woman on the other side told me that the digital Zoom isnīt stepless, too!

So my question, is there a failure on the site, or is there a difference between the US and the european Version of the camera?

Thx Chris
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The US and Euro cameras are the same as far as I can tell, except for the color of the grips.

The 4x zoom is optical and is stepless. The zoom range after the first bar is digital zoom, but digital zoom is pretty much useless, so I don't use it and don't remember the range or if it is stepless or not.
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Thanks for reply! I want to buy this camera in the next time, and I only was wondering, why the digital Zoom isnīt stepless! I donīt like the digital Zoom too, because of the bad quality!

Thanks again!
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Hi Chris,
I have been having my 4500 for 2 months now (though I am German, I live in the US so I have the US version.) I think the two versions are exactly the same (except the green and red stripe and of course the power plug for the charger
Well the manual only says Digital zoom: 4.0 X. I don't want to be philosophic, but I mean basically every DIGITAL mechanism is not step less, it's just a question how small the steps are.
I would say the optical is step less and the digital one is not step less. Anyways: I can clearly recognize more than 4 steps in Digital zoom!
It is very hard to count them, since if you hit the button longer, it would make a bigger step and if you hit it two short, then it wouldn't do anything I guess.
I think after several tests that I can see aproximately 10 steps.
What they mean, when they say 4.0 x, is in my mind the factor by which the image is virtually increased by using the pixel information. This has got in my mind nothing to do with the no. of steps; but it may mislead to another understanding.
I would think they theoretically could have easily a 64 X digital zoom, but it wouldn't make sense since there wouldn't be enough pixel information to get a smooth picture.
By the way: I agree to generally avoid the digital zoom, but with 4 MP you can allow yourself to do a little bit of digital zoom, you would be surprised how good the result is; the problem is somewhere else: you have to be able to hold the camera without bouncing.

Buy it and have fun, it is a great camera!

:-) Volker
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