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Nikon 3700 seems to have horrible indoor performance according to the link below the shots gets extremely noisy even with flash on.


Look at the shots that say ISO 200 it seems the camera jumps to ISO 200 setting despite having several lamps turned not good at all.

To me Indoor performance in low light is extremely important and it seems most non DSLR can't produce good results without alot of ugly noise in the picture. And i question why the reviewers seldom do indoor shots that aren't portraits or closeups. I just want a simple picture of typical low light performance indoors in a livingroom the reviewers should do this instead of spending alot of time looking at outdoor performance giving camera makers a chance to get away with bad indoor performance.

Some other user reviews on dpreview.com seems to suggest noisy indoor images while others are very happy with indoor performance. I am getting quite annoyed that there doesn't seem to be any certainty about how this camera actually will perform.
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FWIW, I'm with you. Reviewers don't seem to pay enough attention to typical indoor flash performance. That is typcally what small P&S digital cameras are used for, I believe. I hope Steve's listening.

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I also wish someone would give more flash information in reviews. Do some cameras in auto ISO shoot at the lowest ISO possible for the flash/subject distance or do they automatically switch to their pre-set flash ISO regardless of distance? Often camera makers don't reveal in their specs at what ISO the flash range is determined. That is significant information if you intend using the built-in flash and I have yet to see a reviewer that consistently tests for that. They seldom take flash shots at the rated maximum range of the flash in a relatively dark room so you can see the flash coverage and how well it does at its rated maximum range.

I have external units for my large cameras, but am often dependent on the internal flash even with those. My pocket cameras are totally dependent on flash for indoor shots. Flash performance is obviously more important to me than to the reviewers. They do a good job on the low-light focus but seem to just accept and pass on the manufacturer's flash information.

I don't think it is reasonable to expect any prosumer type camera to give good indoor results without a flash or tripod. Stabilization works well for anything that isn't moving. And some cameras have f1.8 – f2 lenses that give you a fighting chance if you can rest your elbows on something and there is no subject movement. Anything with people needs flash with exceptions of people under bright stage lights etc. Most of my indoor shots are of people.
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