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When my new Coolpix 8700 is powered up and the lens extends to it's default start positionthere is a little bit of up-down play at the end of the lens assembly. If I lift the end of the lens with my finger it appears to wiggle up and down about 1mm. When off, the lens is tighter and does not move at all.

Do any other Coolpix 8700 notice the same thing or are your lenses tighter?

TIAfor your help.
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I tried mines this weekend. It does move ever so slightly. I guess it has to allow for some play/expansion in the mechanism for the zoom.
No worries though. I've had mines since March 1 and 6800 images later, still flawless.....

If you want to "hide" the lens, go to www.nextphoto.net and get the lens hood. Serves as an excellent lens shade and allows for 62mm filter usage.

Good Luck
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I never noticed it before but my 8700 has a little play as yours does. I don't think I'm going to lose sleep over it, it seems fine when zoomed out and image quality doesn't seem to be affected at all.

FYI, I bought the Nikon HN-CP11 lens hood as "protection" and am very happy with it. It is a metal hood, is threaded to take 77mm filters and I haven't experienced any vignetting at any zoom length.

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