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Hi everybody!

First of all, excuse me if i make mistakes of writing but i'm french and i try to do my best as possible

I ordered the nikon coolpix 3 days ago and i will have it in a few days. I've seen in many places on the Net that to make video in 640/480 at 30 fps the 5200need to have aSD card with a rate of 10mb/s. Nikon suggest that customers buy the Panasonic SD card (10Mb/s in write and 3 Mb/s in read)

But what about the Sandisk Ultra II (9Mb/s in write and 10Mb/s in read)?

I've seen that Steve made the review with a Sandisk Ultra II but i wonder if there are no bug when recording video ? The 9 Mb/s speed is enough?

Nikon recommend a minimum of 10 Mb/s. Personnaly, i'd prefer to buy the sandisk but i would like to be sure...

Thanks to everybody!

PS: Long life to the site, it's very interresting and useful!


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Hi Mitch,

You do need a fast SD card for 640x480 30fps movie.

I have tried the following SD

- Panasonic 10Mb/sec

- Toshiba normal SD

- SanDisk normal SD (not Ultra II)

- EagleTec normal SD

Only the Panasonic fast SD and EagleTec normal SD can frame the movie without stop. For the others, movie taking stops at around 25sec. Note that the EagleTec SD I have tried claims that it can susbtain 6Mb/sec. So, at the end, your Nikon do need a fast SD for full frame movie.

Overall speaking, the fast SD gives you a much better experience. Once you tried the fast SD, you don't want to go back to the normal SD. I strongly recommend every Nikon 5200 owner to get a fast SD.

I had bad experienced with San Disk. It always needs reformatting because of some unknown reason (e.g too fast to remove it from SD reader). I would suggest you use the Panasonicbrand - provenand works well in all aspect (picture, movie).

Hope that help.


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Hello HKguy,

First of all, thanks for your answer!

I received my 5200 monday and i'm very impressed, it's a little jewel

I finally bought the Sandisk Ultra II 512 MB card yesterday and i'm very happy.

I tested the card beforeto buy it to be sure that it works good and has no problem!

You can make video of 347s @ 640/480 - 30fps when the card is empty. The transfer rate is excellent. It takes more times to save video on the internal memory than in the Sandisk.

1 word : Very Good

I don't have the problem you have with the reformatting, maybe just a problem with the normal Sandisk SD card or maybe a default on yours.

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