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Just bought a 5200, and love it, except for what seems to me to be VERY excessive wide-angle barrel distortion. It really only flattens out at least halfway through the zoom range. Telephoto end is about perfect, on the plus side. I went to Best Buy to check another one out - same exact situation. Tried a 4200 just to be sure - same deal.

Note: Photo is from the 5200, and is scaled down in size and quality, but otherwise untouched.

- Anyone have other experiences with the new Nikons ?

EDIT: 6-20-04 -

Additionally, I have also found that the camera has a red "oddity" that I can't put my finger on - it is mentioned by somebody else in a post around this date - I can't seem to eliminate the problem (mostly annoying with flesh tones) with any adjustments on the camera. If I figure it out, I'll comment. I really WANT to like this thing - it just doesn't consistently make great shots, and flesh tone problems are serious in my book. FWIW, I also bought a P100 to try out also, and it seems to be better on average, esp. on skin tones. I will post a mini / non professional comparison between them in another thread.

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I've the same problem with a Coolpix 4200 (it should be the same len)....
I don't know if it's a problemof my camera or it's a problemrelated to4200 (and 5200)....
It's really a common problem or only problem of our cameras?
Please see my sample photo in attachment.... :sad:
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