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Default non-nikon battery and flash cards and the 5700

Anyone know if it is okay to use non-nikon battery and flashcards? Is there a big difference as nikon suggests that the card be speed rated, such as the card included with the camera being 12X versus other brands that dont give a speed. Also , if batteries that are non-nikon but compatible with earlier coolpix cameras compatible with the 5700.
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I still using the Nikon battery that came with the 5700.
I'm using a cheap 128mb sandisk memory card I got at Costco for 49 bucks.
I haven't noticed any difference, just get a lot more pictures.

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I am using a non Nikon flash card and am thinking of getting a non Nikon battery as a spare one. I asked around and it is ok to use a non Nikon flash card. Basically I traded in the flash card that came with the 5700 for a 256 Pretec one. My new flash card is a Apacer and its warrantied for 5 years....both works fine...
As the battery, I was told that a non Nikon battery would actually perform better. They are supposed to be tougher and made with better technology hence their better performance. Dont know true this is as I have yet to get one for myself. This information was relayed by my friendly Nikon technician who I have called to asked some questions concerning the downloading of my photos. Cant hurt to try as I am getting them this weekend.
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Default I have been using 2 different flash cards

I have a 256 meg kingston flash card ($92 @ buy.com). This card seems to be a 12X-16X. I recently purchased a 512 meg viking card ($199-50 rebate) from amazon.com. This card is a 8X (1.2 meg/sec divided by 150k/sec). Both cards work fine ... the kingston is twice as fast in raw writes ... in fine jpg it is almost a non issue as either card can rip off 6-8 shots in a row before the buffer is full. However once the buffer is full the kingston takes about half as long to process. The one weird thing about both cards is the number of pictures left indicator. The 512 meg card says it can take 208 in fine mode and it really takes over 270. The 256 meg card also understates the actual pictures thecard can hold.

As for batteries ... I bought the optional battery pack and use 6 AA 1800 mAh powerex batteries. I get over 400 pictures without flash and 200-300 pictures with a mix. I bought two sets (plus extras for other devices) and two chargers so I cycle the batteries every charge.
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I have an off-brand battery that B&H sold me when I bought my 4500. At first, I was chagrined, but then saw that it has a higher capacity than the original. It works fine.

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