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Default Nikon 4500 vs 5700 - advice please

If this topic has been covered already, I do apologize but I didn't find it in the search. I have narrowed my choice so far to these two cameras. It seems that everybody here agrees that there is no significant image quality difference (thus no reason to pay for the extra megapixels). However, are there any significant reasons to purchase one over the other? I thank you all in advance.
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The ones that come to mind are:

Much more portable

Slightly better quality
Much better zoom

I had a 990 and the 4500 seemed the dream step-up from my 990 so it was a no brainer for me. The portability issue was big for me as well.
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some other differences:

built in hotshoe
swivel LCD screen

external flash requires adapter
twist-style ergonomics

The 5700 is basically a higher zoom 5000.

If you like the way the 4500 handles you can get it and buy a 2X teleconverter to get the extra zoom magnification. I would think that would be cheaper than the 5700, if you didn't want the more megapixels.
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I'd just like to express the opinion that it is a mistake to buy a digital camera with the immediate intent of adding an accessory lens. If you feel the need for the additional zoom range, buy the 5700, if you value the pocketabillity and lower price and don't shoot birds, consider the 4500. The telephoto and wide angle lenses are large enough that they completely change the handling of the cameras (not for the better!). At least try the tele on a 4500 before you commit to that route.
I may not one you choose to believe. I wanted to upgrade my 990 and after looking at 5000, 5700 and 4500 I bought the Minolta 7i. Each has its pros and cons. The question is not what is better but what fits you and your needs.
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I'm a recent purchaser of the 4500 and I use it for wildlife photography (for some examples see www.pbase.com/grahamcheckley/galleries).

These photos are taken with the camera attached to a telescope.

It's a very portable camera and that's a key issue when you're already carrying a telescope, tripod and binoculars. If you're looking for the logical successor to the 990 it's the one to go for.
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