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Default Help, 990 specks!!!


I need some help very badly. I have purchased a Nikon refurbished 990 about 6 months ago and I have not used it much untill lately because I wanted to use it with a telescope and I have finally got that stuff together. Coolpix 900 series has 28mm threaded bezel for lenses and supposed to be good for macro. Natuarlly, The Nikon 90 day warranty has expired.

In the 2 pictures listed below you can see my problem. One picture will be fine and the next will have specks all over it. If I take a 3rd, it may or may not be ok. This problem may not appear for 20 photos and then may reappear. It usually lasts for 1-4 photos and then goes away for several photos and then reappears. I also have noticed that the picture count is off.

These specks can range in an affected photo from zero in a picture to about 15%. They are never the same exact pattern. I have tried to nail down a pattern of this problem but don't see any pattern.

It is very disappointing. Especially since I didn't want to have to buy a refurbished product for fear of this kind of problem (Nikon doesn't sell an extended warranty). I called nikon and the guy didn't know what it was and just wanted me to return it. I got the distinct impression they wouldn't fix it under warranty. Nikon seems hard to deal with. I am sure they will want to charge several hundred dollars min. (disabled veteran on fixed income).

I was thinking of getting a different camera, maybe a 4500, but if nikon has these kind of touchy problems (dark photos sometimes too) and is hard to deal with, maybe some other brand.

I had a Ricoh 4200 for years w/o any problems!!

Please let me know ASAP, if you have any solutions.

Some info:

Fresh 1600 mah mi-mh batteries, external battery pack, supplied Lexar 16mb CF card and another CF card, automatic mode.

I have reset the camera, tried every setting.



John R. Deahl
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Well, I may have found the problem.
It seems that the camera has to "warm up" for 1-2 minutes before it will take good pictures!

I guess I will call Nikon to see what it might be, probably a CCD.


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