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Default 5700: everything works but picture not recorded!

I recently bought an MB-E5700 battery pack and SB-50DX speedlight. The brand new batteries showed a low battery indication after shooting 80 pictures at NORMAL image quality and FULL (2560X1920) image size (over 2 days, not continuously). Most were taken without the flash (built-in or external). Since the battery icon was not flashing, I did not think it was time to change batteries.

Anyway, after coming from an air-conditioned car and entering an air-conditioned restaurant (on a humid, drizzling night in tropical Malaysia), I tried to take a picture using the external flash and built-in speedlight together, with self-timer. Both flashes went off simultaneously. The monitor blacked out while the built-in speedlight re-charged (it's supposed to do this when the battery is low). But I was surprised to discover that the picture had not been recorded. I tried again, with self-timer; same result. Next I took a picture without the self-timer. Same result.

Later, when I got back to my hotel, everything worked fine. A few nights later (the battery indicator was still not flashing), same thing happened. I removed the battery pack and went back to my (fully charged) EN-EL1. Everything worked fine.

Has anyone had the same experience? Is this a battery problem? Or a humidity or temperature problem? Or is this a speedlight setting (Ext & Int Active) problem?

Junbo (from Manila)
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To me it sounds like an pretty "ordinaire" humidityproblem! Another time you could try wrapping the camera and flash into a shirt or something. You mentioned nothing about temperatures, but I assume it's much colder in the car than the malasian air!
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My experience, this is caused by weak batteries, especially when using int. flash. The display goes blank, and the flash fires, when the shutter is pressed, but the image isn't recorded.

In your case, I belive it has somethin to do with batteries temperature. From what I read, cold temp will affect battery charge (don't know how to explain this in technical way, hopefully you get what I mean).

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low temp affects battery and it tends to reduce the efficiency. So, it means it will reduce the number of pictures you can take.
Battery owner manual always have two specs. : longevity at two different temps. usually 0C (32F) and 20C (68F).
But i dont see the point with the picture recorded or not.

Did you charge the battery after you bought it ? they are sold "empty". You need to charge them.
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