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My Coolpix 3100 doesn´t capture great pics indoors, or with little light. Flash does not cover what i want, and pics come out very dark...

Does anyone with this digicam has this problem?

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What is bright to the human eye, is not to a camera's lens. So, you will need to use flash indoors with most cameras, and stay within the rated flash range.

The Coolpix 3100 flash is rated for a maximum range of 9.9 feet at wide angle, dropping off as more zoom is used to 5.6 feet at full zoom. You will find these numbers in your camera's specifications.

Try to stay at wide angle as much as possible (much more light reaches the sensor through the lens if you don't use any zoom). Unfortunately, a small camera does have limitations (and flash range is one of them).

One thing you can try if you're so inclined is the use of a slave flash. Your model does not directly support an external flash. However, a slave flash is designed to fire at the same time as your camera's main flash. Getting the exposure just right will likely require some experimentation.

Here are some popular slave flashes:


If indoors photos at greater ranges are a high priority, you may find it easier to purchase another model with a more powerful built in flash (or even better, a hot shoe for an external flash). Make sure to check each models specifications carefully for flash ranges when shopping (these are usually listed as the maximum range at wide angle, and the maximum range at full zoom).

If you don't want touse a flash at all, you will needto use a tripod with most models (otherwise, shutter speeds will be too slow to prevent motion blur from camera movement). Some models require the flash to beforced offbefore they will use longer shutter times (this is probably the case with your CP 3100). But, using a tripod will only work with stationary subjects (not moving subjects like people, since their movement will cause blur at slower shutter speeds needed for proper exposure).

There are solutions that will let you take photos without a flash or tripod indoors (but these will be much more expensive thanmodels in the same price range as subcompact digital cameras like your CP 3100).

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