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Default 5700: images should have less noise in colder environments

I believe taking digital pictures outdoors in winter should produce less noicse as the camera and thus the sensor will be at a lower tempature. Does that also mean that ISO 800 would be more usable
after the camera has cooled down?????

comments please? Am I right? :idea:
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You must have read the same article I did somewhere that said something like that. I'll never let my camera cool anymore than I have too. I'm worried about moisture condensing on the sensor as it warms. I've been told that if you are outside for a period where it's going to be much warmer when you back in there is 1 thing you can do to help protect your camera sensor from moisture. While still outside, place your cold camera in a zip lock back and seal it. Let it warm up gradually inside and do not unseal it until its warmed up.
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Default Sort of...

It's true that cooling the CCD will help with noise, but I wouldn't expect a BIG difference unless you are talking quite cold. The CCD is generating heat when active so it will warm it's immediate area which is where you need it to stay cold the most.

CCD's used for Astrophotography are sometimes actively cooled for the long exposures required for working with very low light levels. Typically they will be cryogenically cooled which will be a lot colder than a few hours outside in the winter time- unless you are in an EXTREME climate. Plus this active cooling is local to the CCD which means that it can draw heat away as it is produced, unlike a sealed (?) camera which will warm from the CCD out.

The hazards to subjecting a consumer grade camera to the extremes of weather probably outweigh any potential benefits- moisture condensing inside the camera will create big problems so be very careful!

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