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The Scubbler Nov 23, 2004 11:00 PM

I've been trying to price and obtain things for my 8800. One store told my wife you could not use any filter, other than Nikon's, for this camera as they aren't "ground properly". One store tells me the lens hood if $50...another $75. I ask about the optional batterypack (6 AA cells) and they keep telling me about the standard Lithium Ion one. The bottom line is that nobody has stock and won't until the new year. I don't understand why Nikon releases the camera without the extras being available. I want a skylight filter on that front glass, just as protection. One store says it is $45..the other says they don't make one. Nobody has one anyway.

That does it..I'm back to experimenting with old 52mm filters and will try the Loctite blue idea .

Nice camera...poor customer service.


jmadura Nov 28, 2004 7:50 PM


I have the 8800 and the Mb-cp11. Given what i know now - i do not believe that the unit is that great a deal. They are available - i got mine two weeks ago. I do like the ability to use readily available batteries in an emergency (like on vacation) so will keep it .

I run out of personal energy long before either battery power source does. They are both very good. I use Powerex 2300 Mah Nimh batteries which work great.

The Neutral density filters are harder to come by but i expect one any day now. I want it to protect the lens.

As for Nikon's service - prior to purchase i emailed and then called with questions to tech support - each time i got a good response. Then when i got the camera and had a problem - they responded and solved it overnight even though it was not yet registered. I remain impressed at their service - ecpecially their phone service.

I wish you well - I am 10 years now into disability with a blown back - bored big time by an inability to do most of what i used to or want do.



Gordon_O Nov 28, 2004 10:50 PM

Steven & Jon,

I just ordered an 8800 and do not plan to attach any UV or ND filters for "protection". Discussions in another forum have convinced me that this is not desirable or necessary. When paying lots of dollars from a great ED lens, why put a cheap piece of glass in front of it to degrade the image? The only filter effect that can't be well simulated in Photoshop is a polarizing lens. When dealing with glass or water reflections a polarizer can be useful.

I've been told by a someone that I respect that he saw a Nikon salesman put out a lit cigaret on the front of a Coolpix lens. After wiping it clean, he showed that there was no damage to the lens coating! Impressive! The coatings are made to be very tough. There is nothing to protect. Anything that would harm your camera would also harm your face!

When not using your camera, always put on the lens cap. When in use, normal care and caution is all you need.

I've been convinced that protection filters are a waste of money and may slightly degrade your image. They are a gimmick to sell more unnecessary stuff.

(your mileage and opinions may vary)

The Scubbler Nov 29, 2004 2:18 PM

We have a common problem ! I'm 5 years into retirement with a "blown" back, neck and 1 bum knee. I know how you feel ! I do try to keep busy and am fortunate enough to still be mobile enough to do most of what I like, although pain is always there. I bounce from "main interest" to the next. My current one is the new Coolpix. I'm always a little scared when I have a major back incident that it may be the one that drastically alters my life. Right now I'm pleased to free of the daily commute and cut throat nature that works seems to be these days.

I think I'll pass on the battery pack as I saw it for $269 Cdn !

I'm glad Nikon is giving good service.I guess my gripe is with the sales side as they haven't supplied Western Canada with any extras for this camera and won't until 2005 and I suppose lack of knowledge in store clerks should be expected these days.


The Scubbler Nov 29, 2004 2:22 PM

Hi Gordon. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Perhaps you are right ! I did feel a little odd strapping a 20 year old filter on this new lens. I guess I'm just a little paranoid with such a big piece of glass sticking out in front and always have used filters.

The Nikon specific filters for this camera are rather expensive. Does this mean they are of the same quality as the lens ?

I hope you'll post some of your first impressions when you get your camera.

Now to get that old filter off !


Gordon_O Nov 29, 2004 5:03 PM


The Nikon filters are very high quality and they charge an outrageous price for them! The only one that I will consider is the polarizer. Haven't decided yet. I don't plan to do enough of that type of photography to justify a polarizer that mostly sits in my bag. Simple cloud/sky enhancements can now be done in Photoshop.

I used to use protective UV filters, but not any more.


Nadeem Nov 30, 2004 6:12 PM

I can't even seem to get as much as a spare battery at the moment here in the UK - never mind filters or lens convertors....

The Scubbler Dec 1, 2004 8:20 PM spare batteries ? My own conclusions are that the included battery does not provide as much "ooomph" as I thought. It is OK for daily jaunts with a recharge, but if you travel and can't access a plug in, too bad ! The review that Digcamfam posted mentioned turning off the continuous focus to preserve juice.I think I'll try that tomorrow. You only get focus when you press the shutter release, but that seems OK.

If you can't get extras there, you are like me ! Nikon has a great camera, but they aren't making the first ( and VITAL) first buyers happy !


SteveMlt Dec 17, 2004 6:47 PM

Hi I was just looking around and noticed the amount of complaints regarding acessories for the Nikon 8800 and Coolpix Line in General. I have noticed a trend with Nikon Making Consumers pay for Nikon Only accessories by using non standard sizes. (52.5mm.) Then not being able to supply them for months. There are reasons for standardisation of sizes, Dont Waste your time Here the following 2 Email Adresses are the correct people to complain to. The Sales Manager at Nikon and the person in charge of Acessories at Nikon. Go Ahead Rant at them I have.

[email protected]

[email protected]

brucegarrett Dec 18, 2004 2:29 AM

One solution to the filter size problem on the 8800 is a Nextphoto Coolfix 58mm adapter.

I now have a 58mm Nikon NC permanently attached to protect the front element... no vignetting that I can see and the option to use any 58mm filter.


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