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This statements below belong to the review at the link above.

Prior to writing this update, there'd been speculation around the Internet that the camera actually performed faster with slower memory cards, the theory being that these cards better matched the camera's internal operating speed. I'm not sure where this rumor got started, but it clearly wasn't the case with our production sample. We tested it with a wide range of memory cards, and found that, while cards faster than 4x produced only very slight improvements in buffer-clearing times, the faster cards were in all cases faster than slower ones. (The camera does take some advantage of modern, reasonably fast memory cards though. While we found only minor differences in write speeds between 4x and 80x cards (or SanDisk's Ultra and Extreme cards), old non-speed-rated cards were very slow. Bottom line, our advice would be to make sure you purchase name-brand cards known to be at least reasonably fast, but the Coolpix 8800's performance doesn't seem to justify the investment in the highest-speed cards currently available.)
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Hi Bruce

I just did a bit of experimenting, i got my moms camera (DC 215 zoom, my first) and took some pics with it, took out the card and it showed up striaght away in my reader, i put it in my 8800 formated it took some pics (2 lol only 16mb card) tried it in my reader worked fine, by the way it took about 12 seconds or so for the little green card to go in the viewfinder, so at least we know a 16mb card is slower to save :lol:.

Anyway i also borrowed my moms portable card reader and it had no problems reading her card or my card so i guess it is my reader that is a bit fussy, only thing is i dont know whether her reader is USB 1 or 2, i think maybe 2.

And yes my card can be read via my camera no probs.
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