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IF anyone is interested in an alternativecamera (other than the D70) to the Nikon CP8800, then the Minolta A200 might be worth a look.

Check out this thread: http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...mp;forum_id=20

For my money, the Nikon 8800 wins basically 'cause the shots straight out of the camera are more pleasing with the A200 dull by comparison; even with post processing, the A200 doesn't (in my opinion) come up the CP8800.
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No comparison ! The 8800 picture is much better. I had to call my Canadian wife in to see this as she is a Coronation Street addict . Wow..it really IS like that in England !! Make mine a halibut, with lotsa salty/vinegar ! Do they still wrap them in newspaper ?

A flashback from the 1950's !

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I took a macro shot, hand held, with the 8800 and it was razor sharp. The VR lens is incredible on this camera. I'm really enjoying my Christmas present. I also looked at the Minolta. I thought it had the worst pics of all the 8mp cameras. The only other camera I considerd was the Sony but the size was too much. I wanted something that was more compact. To be fair did you use a triod, the same F-stop, focal length and was the time of day the same? Did you try several pics to see if the 8800 was consistently sharper? How was the AF system on the8800.I find that it's quick in normal lightwith no shutter lag. Now if the write times were less this camera would have it all, imho.
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