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Hi Trader. Thanks again for the explanation.

I've noticed quite a difference in my zoom shots when I add a fair bit of contrast in editing. The ACDSEE program I have includes a lazy man "auto level" that adds contrast, corrects the tint and does something with the white and black balances that the manual menu contains. Now I'm almost ashamed to buy a complex camera, shoot on "auto" and edit with "auto levels", but it seems to work for me !

I've been quite happy with the 8800 through the gloomy west coast winter so far, but when the sun shines, the colour, clarity and contrast of the shots is dazzling ! I'll probably follow you and leave it on "extra" and choose "normal" if there seems to be a need for speed. I'm early retired and have all day, every day, but don't have the patience to do what you are up to. But being a leech, I'm interested to read your conclusions and see if my own impressions match. Does anyone else feel the camera works better with the new firmware, or am I diluding myself that it MUST be better ?

It was -4C today (about 24F) and I was out for about an hour with the camera. I didn't notice any changes in performance with the camera cold.

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Using TIFF is actually not a good choice. The color depth is about the 12 bit (JPEG has only 8bit per channel), but the problem is that TIFF is already processed.

There are only 2 choices: Either shoot Raw to get the best out of the picture or use JPEG - High. The JPEG - Extra takes longer and the quality increase doesn't scale to the increase in file size.
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JURGEN: That is true. The NEF files can be converted to TIFF 16 bit in Photoshop. I believe this is lossless and the same as the NEF...
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