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Default 995 Crapped out with "System Error"

I've read both here and elsewhere about the dreaded "System Error" vis a vis the zoom mechanism, but recently my 15-month old, 2400+ shot 995 gives me a "CFEr" on the LCD panel. I can on occasion pop out the wafer, replace it and snap a few pics, but after a few pictures it goes "System Error" on the LCD and dies. One suggested I reformat my CFII card but I get "System Error" whenever I try that. I have checked the connectors for bent pins and there are none.

This problem happens on both a 128meg and 16meg card. Suffice it to say I'm a bit pissed off. Hard to believe an $800 camera only lasts a bit over a year.

What exactly are my options? The retailer here in Indianapolis where I bought it said the minimum repair price they have ever seen is $230. Am I just going to end up with "damaged goods" if I get it repaired? Was the retailer correct in saying this was just a "consumer grade" camera?

I shot with an FA for years, then a N70 followed by my first digi the 995. Admittedly I have been eyeing the D100.

Any help / suggestions greatly appreciated.

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Default System error

My 995 had the same "CFEr" error message saying it could not read the CF cards. Turn it off and it might take a half a dozen shots and then lock up again, "CFEr". Ended up trying 6 different CF cards all with the same results. Basicaly ruined my dive trip.
It was still under warranty and Nikon replaced the CPU, only cost was UPS to the Warranty Center. Oh yea, they did promise it would be back in my hands before my next dive trip, didn't make it.. two trips screwed up!!!!.
The repaired camera works like new and I do not feel like it's "damaged goods" more like refurbished. The 995 was marketed as a "Prosumer" camera (high end consumer camera /higher price).
I've made the jump to the D100 also and really like it. If the housing market ever catches up I'll probably have to refinance the hacienda to pay for my ports.

Sorry I couldn't be more help

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Default Good news. I suppose...

Well, hmmm. I think then that I'll go ahead and have it repaired. My dad (also a N70 guy) has expressed interest so I'll let him have it for the repair cost. Darn, I suppose I'll have to buy a D100!
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If you get the CFEr error on the 995, take out the battery overnight. The camera should be ok the next day after battery is reinstlled. Try it. Wayne
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I had almost exactly the same problem with my 995. It would actually take sometimes in excess of 20 pictures before it gave compact flash error or system error. Sometimes it would lock up - you could not even switch it off! I would then have to take the battery out for a few seconds in order to reset it. Leaving the battery out overnight did not seem to help, the problem would still occur eventually.

As it was under guarantee Jessops UK took it back and sent it back to Nikon who replaced certain parts (not sure what as they gave a vague report on it) and it works fine now.

Has anyone experienced this problem with the 4500 ? I have thought of getting one of these at some point but if this is a common fault for this range of cameras I may think again.

UK :x
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