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Here is an interesting story about the shape of Nikon warranty servicing. After three weeks in the Torrance facility for dust removal from the CCD, my 1 week old Nikon 8800 is returned with what I thought was a clean bill of health. Having possessed it for only a week since December, I fire it up, try to insert my memory card, and clunk, it hits metal! On closer examination I find the pin connector has been reinstalled incorrectly. Looking down the card slot you can only see about 1/2 of the pin assembly, it is pushed toward the front of the camera and the card is hitting the metal jacket around the pins! So, back to Nikon for another vacation. (They are paying the return postage). Is anything done correctly anymore?
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Is there any chance you could just return it to the store where you bought it and get a new one?


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Dust on the CCD? To obviate this was surely one of the reasons for going for an 'all-in-one' in the first place.

Want to lay bets it was there when the thing was put together?

And what were they doing in the CF card slot anyway?

Nikon used to be the professional's choice... not any more (look around).

One word springs to mind... Canon.
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I would ask for a replacement 8800 also.

Be sure you note the serial number of your 8800 when you return it.

You would not want to get it back for a third time!

Good luck
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That's an inexcusable screw-up by Nikon. If you don't get your problem fixed to your satisfaction, perhaps you shouldwrite to Toshiyuki Masai CEO of Nikon USA and give him an earful (he deserves it). I believe he's based in Melville, NY.

Steve C
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Sorry to hear you have had so much bad luck. I bought my 8800 from a store in Western Canada that has a very good camera reputation and offers a store extended warranty. They include a 3 tries replacement "lemon " clause. They also accept the camera and forward it to Nikon if repairs are required. I spent a bit more to buy this way and could have had a cheaper deal online. But now, if I have a problem, I have the store's buying power behind me and their personal satisfaction guarantee. I'd be asking them for a replacement camera by now. There seem to be a few people with 8800 problems, but I surmise, a huge majority, (like me) without any trouble. I bought a Dell computer before Xmas and had similar troubles to you. I found the whole experience irritating. I now know where NOT to buy again...as I expect you feel !

I hope Nikon satisfies you after all this. They should at least give you one of the sacred, unobtanium lens hoods for your trouble ( I lie..I just bought one on e bay from Hong Cong !).

Let's hope they resolve this quickly...sending a new camera immediately would be the decent thing.

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