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Several weeks ago I posted a message on this forum claiming Nikon messed up my 8800 during a warranty service. I claimed the memory card pin assembly was incorrectly reinstalled after an initial warranty service.
After receiving my camera back, I've discovered I was completely mistaken and am eating humble pie. Nikon was so gracious to repair the pins I HAD BENT without charge (would have been $200). They also readjusted several things and recleaned the CCD without charge and sent me instructions on how to insert a memory card. (Okay, maybe that was a little mean). The bottom line is that Nikon gets an outstanding rating for exceptional customer service. If I have learned anything from this its that one should not make judgements without getting all the facts.
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Well said ! I admire you for "coming clean" and am happy they fixed your camera up for you. I was a bitsurprised about the warnings about inserting the card or batteryincorrectly in the instructions. I'll be more careful from now on.

Thanks for your refreshing admission. I also have to come clean. I couldn't figure out why our electric mower wasn't mowing. Hours later, my wife points out I've reversed the drive belts ! How (male ego) humiliating !

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