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Hi Angie, great shots.
Just one suggestion for your moon shooting.
I notice from the EXIF information on your moon shot that you used a shutter speed of 1/60th sec. If you set the camera to shutter priority (S on the control dial) and set a speed of around 1/125th you may have got slightly more of the moon in detail. Remember that essentially the moon is a mirror shining reflected sunlight down upon us. As such it's very bright and despite what people think, you do not want a slow shutter speed like you would do with most night time shots.
You'll find the 'sweet spot' varies depending on the size and shape of the moon. A crescent will give off less light than a full moon. Where 1/60th to 1/125th might be ok for the former, 1/125th to 1/250th will work better for the latter.
Hope it helps.

And don't worry, it appears we are finally starting to get some spring time weather. Look out for good photographic opportunities this weekend with frosty mornings anticipated across the UK.
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Hi Jakob,

Thanks for your suggestions. How do I get 1/125 to 1/250?

I am still reading andI am getting the hang of it slowly.

I have now found how to get the green flower (Thank you sirthomas for your suggestions).

I like the moon shots, even though they are not perfect, I never really expected to take photographes like that in my life.

Greetings from

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Hey Angie.

I am glad I could help with the macro issue.
Some nice shots you have posted. I have tried to snap the moon too, and I am amazed how nice they turn out without tripod. The antishake really works fine.
After getting some nice tips at this forum, I tried to shoot the moon with higher shutterspeed (1/250, 1/500) which in fact gave better results!....just choose S on the control wheel. Then press the "function" button one or two times (to display eiter shutterspeed or aparture ). just scroll the whell on the back of the camera until you get the prefferd shuttersspeed. Not the best explanation, but hope it helps.

Shooting the moon here in Shanghai is far from the best location to do such with neon lights and smog. I therefore look forward to this summer, where I will bring my camera to my cabin in the Norwegian mountains where the sky and the air are very clear, and the surrondings not affected by citylights etc.

I will try to get some nice China shots to post here soon. If anyone feels like travelling.

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Angie in addition to what sirthomas said, check out page 48 of the manual for a very clear explanation on shutter priority

Good shooting!
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