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I have a Coolpix 8700 and I need to take detailed close-up pictures of orchids. The subjects are tiny and the colors in the resulting pics need to be accurate. Thus far, the pop-up speedlight is not getting the job done for me because the colors tend to get washed out when I use the flash. But when I don't use the flash, the colors are not as vibrant.

So....to solve this problem, I'm thinking about getting the SB-29s ringflash for my camera. I *think* that it is compatible with the 8700 camera, but I can't find any information that says this with 100% certainty. I don't want to spend 300+ bucks on this flash and have it end up as an expensive paperweight. Any users out there have experience using this camera with this ringflash?

If, indeed, I can use this flash with this camera, what adapters (if any) would I need in order attach this flash unit to the 8700?

Also, is the Nikon ringlight the best in terms of ease of use? I'd prefer to not have to set up everything manually every time. I want something that is quick-n-dirty to set-up....nearly idiot-proof.

If this ringlight is not easy-to-use or effective, can any users recommend any other (ring?)-flashes from other manufacturers that I could look at apart from the SB-29?

Also, if I were to hypothetically sell my 8700 and upgrade to the 8800:-)...could I use the same lens adapters to attach the SB-29? Since the 8800 has a bigger zoom lens 10x vs. 8x, I was wondering if lens adapters are different?
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Nanbakat : For the closup or macrhophotography you can use perfect the CP 8700, and can try any riglight in the market, look here http://www.srelectronics.com/ and http://www.photoprojects.net/index.html, One, you can by a ringlight or ringflash for the 8700,ask them The ringliht if better, have more camera control( you need first the nikon lens adapter UR-E8). The other one is to get and a idea for Gene Rhodes experiments . If the camera is for machophoto, you don´t need to change for the 8800, is important you remember this : the accessories for the 8700 , CAN´T use in the 8800. I hope, this can help you. Carlitin PS- if you need a example, let me know.
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