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During my 'early film photography days', I usedB/W Infrared film with my SLR. I just recently bought a 8800 and wondered if it was sensitive in the IR. All (most) digital cameras have an IR blocking filter over the sensor. The amount of IR let through varies by brand and model.

A quick test to see if your camera is sensitive in the IR is to aim you TV remote into the lens and either look at the EVF or take a photo. If you get a BIG WHITE DOT on your screen, then your camera is sensitive enough in the IR wavelength region to be useful!

I purchased an IR filter (Hoya #72 - 67mm) and attached it via the filter thread adaptor built into the Nikon lens shade. I've just started IR photography with the 8800, so this is one of my first photos (attached lighthouse). Notice the 'white tree' framing the right side. This is not snow !

Photoshop CS was used - noise reduction, image sizing, channel mixer, levels,sepia, unsharp; and finally, resampling to get the file under 250400 bytes!

The camera settings were: shutter priority (1/4 second), VR on, handheld, F2.8, focal length 8.9mm, ISO 200, WB-auto and 8mpixel-extra.

Hopefully, I may have given some ideas to others interested intrying different techniquesusing the 8800 (or other dig cameras).

Comments/suggestions are very welcome.

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I had good luck with my 5700 and the Hoya R72 filter. I have the adapter and the filter on order for the 8800 and 8400. I suspect that I'll use it on the 8400 more, but I'm ordering adapters for both.

It takes some experimentation. I'm hoping the 8000 series will shoot IR images easier. It was hard to see the image in the 5700. I usually composed the shot and then attached the filter.

Here are examples of the 5700 IR images.


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Thanks for the info Bob. I've been toying with the idea of doing some IR photography with my 8800 and this post is just what I need to kick me off. I'm just a bit unsure about which filter to use.

I've got a Cokin system fitted to the 62mm nextphoto adapater and they do an IR filter for this system, but I'm a bit concerned that this system isn't exactly lightfast and that some stray light could enter the lens. However I would still be able to fit it to a DSLR if I bought one of those.

I would appreciate it if anyone has got any recommendations.

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I've not heard any GOOD reports about the Cokin Filter System and IR. Light leaching into the image is exactly the reason why. I think your money would be better spent on an IR filter specifically for the lens.

I have the Cokin P system and use it for every filter application except IR and Polarization. So, Cokin fans, please don't think my feelings, in general, are negative toward this very cost effective system.

Here's one from Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC

Good luck with your foray into NIR photography.
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