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I'm in the process of building a website dedicated to all things 8800. It will be a collection of tips, tricks, links, and articles on photography with this little beauty of a camera and would appreciate some help in the form of;

- general tips and advice people would give to new users
- any specific issues people have come across, resolved or unresolved.
- useful links online that people may have spotted
- contributions - articles such as walk throughs on various aspects of the camera, using it certain situations, etc
- contributions - from people that are willing to share sample images taken with the various lenses and converters, any third party lenses (e.g. the olympus tcon 17), lens hood, filters (third party and proprietary)

I realise that a lot has been covered over the time in the various forums available online but my intent is to store it all in one easy to reach place for people new to the camera, or indeed those that have yet to try certain aspects of using it.
Equally I am not willing to simply 'grab' the stuff that's already available as there's no guarantee everyone would approve of me using it.

This is going to take time and patience, but most of all, help from everyone else that owns the camera who is willing to assist in creating a general online source dedicated to the 8800.

Many thanks in advance for any willing volunteers forthcoming with suggestions.

Responses welcome to this thread or via email [email protected]
If emailing please include '8800 site' somewhere in the subject, thanks.
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Hi Jakob,

I'll help, are those three zoom photos any good on one of my subjects? I got another set as well, I think.

I'll have a think what I found with the camera so far, most things though are suggestions what other people have offered to help any problem I had.

I think it is a very good idea, to put it all together in one place.

I read so much here which is helpful, but when I actually need it I struggle to find it again.

Greetings from

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--Angie, absolutely. A comparison of the camera at the various zoom settings is a great idea.--

For those of you still interested in the 8800 helpsite, I have finalised layout for the initial site - this currently includes plans for a forum linked to the various items on the site.

Currently the content is in 'production' and far from completion.
I'd also like to point out that my hope is for all 8800 users to share their own knowledge with each other as a lot of people will be limited by what they photograph most.

Because of the mass of information that can be given with regard to this camera, I'm now looking for helpers in four respects;
1. Regular contributors
2. One off (or less frequent anyway) contributions
3. Simple tips for making things easier.
4. Questions new users have, including answers if they have received them, if unanswered that's fine they will be included too (and answered when put on the site if possible).

This can be articles such as review of a certain product for the 8800 (e.g. lens hood, external flash) and should include before/after shots with and without whatever the review may be about. The amount of text needed is clearly dependent on the product but there's no need for an essay. Most can be written in ten minutes with the necessary photos taken in 5.

Anyone willing to help with building a glossary for the various buttons and what they do - single paragraphs that can explain quickly to a new user.

If you are willing to provide something, an email to [email protected] (and please include '8800 site' in the subject somewhere) saying what you want to provide. Please email me BEFORE you all start sending in full articles with photos!
If providing tips or questions, just send it.
If you aren't sure what to provide, just tell me what you photograph mainly and I'll respond with things still needing to be covered. Also listing any accessories that you may have (including filters) would be helpful.

Appreciate any and all responses, preferably by email so that I can keep track of things: [email protected] ...feedback thus far has been good
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