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Hi All,

After checking out a lot of the reviews it looks like the 8800 is a reasonable sized camera, smallish at 1/2 the height of a CD.

How would it be for carrying round on holidays, I am going to Canada this year and was after acamera which I can take with me thats not super huge, but has the Zoom and MP to go with it.

Would the 8800 be comfortable weight and size wise to carry about. I am a pretty big lad, so the weight is not an issue, but I dont want to have to carry it round in a huge camera bag all day long.

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I've carried mine around for 3-4 hour stretches, in cold weather, under my coat. No camera bag, just the camera along with any accessories I might have needed stuffed in my coat pocket.

It's heavier than my last point and shoot, which could even fit in a shirt pocket, but there's no shot that I want to take that I can't take. The 8800 zoom capabilities, along with features such as the VR, opens up endless shooting possibilities.
The only step better would be to get an slr and that's no light carry.
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Don't worry about the size of the 8800...........................Canada is big enough to bring two of them! :G

Seriously, one reason I chose the 8800 is how big the D70 is with a 35 to 350 mm zoom lens.

My former film camera, a Canon A-1 with a 28-200 zoom, a power winder and occasionally a Vivitar283 flash on a side handle was what I consider to be a monster. I wound up leaving this at home in favor of a little Pentax p&s zoom. Idon't want to have to leave the digital behind.

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I just returned from 8 weeks tooling about in Australia and Japan. Size was a bit of an issue in Oz since it was really hot and I wasn't wearing a jacket, so the camera was always an 'extra' thing to lug about. In Japan however, it was Butt cold, so I was always sporting a jacket. The 8800 lived in my inside pocket for 3 weeks. Problems with this were: the jacket was an REI rain jacket an so was unlined and provided no bump protection for the camera, so a few clunks here and there had me checking for damage in odd places. Take a second battery and a fat CF card. The battery is only good for 3-4 hours of casual photography ( wandering around taking pics every 5 min with the camera on, in sleep mode or off). A second battery provides peace of mind. Also, I thought that a powerful flash would have helped. the more power the better. You won't use it much at all, but try to take a pic of the inside of a temple without one and you are cursing.

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