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For Coolpix 8800 can someone please explain to me the relationship between Image size, expressed in Megapixels and Image quality, expressed in RAW, HI, EXTRA, etc.?

I do understand that Megapixels have to do with picture's/print's size. But how the image quality fits in.
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I reckon that image quality can mean a bunch of things combined together - such as picture sharpness, colour reproduction, noise introduced by the camera's electronics/digital processing - to give a picture an overall score. The quality can also be influenced by the resolution. Because you're not going to have such a good picture of a mountain landscape if you got a 10 pixel camera (ie 10 pixel...not 10 megapixel).

In the case of the raw, basic, normal, fine, extra etc .. the raw just means the picture data is stored without being altered by the in-camera software processing. The rest (ie basic, normal, fine etc) are options that determine how much picture information is discarded in order to make the file-size smaller. The idea with jpg images etc is that you can strategically get rid of some picture information without the eye noticing too many changes as compared with the original image. But if you get rid of too much information, the eyes can then see the degradation in image quality.

this link shows 8800 specs and also the file-size for various resolution modes at the different quality settings..basic, normal, fine etc.
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