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Hello to the group,

I have a general question about optical viewfinders.

Are they all the same as far as brightness,

If you were to compare a Olympus 490z viewfinder to a Nikon 5400 viewfinder, which one would be brighter ?

I have a very diffacult time using a camera with an EFV.


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Well, your posting has received a lot of reads but it appears no one replied. I looked at a considerable number of digitals before buying my 5700 and I did notice differences in viewfinder brightness. Not alot but some. I was a NIKON SLR user for decades and when I decided to go digital I thought I would hate the electronic view finder - talk about unnatural. I got used to it in a matter of hours. I still prefer optical but EVF doesn't bother me anymore.

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I just purchased the Nikon 8800. Seems to me that the color is off as well as it is not as bright as the Olympus 730UZ that I have been using. Not sure I like this.
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Everyone that has compact point and shoot digital cameras have LCD with the same general problem. For outdoor sunshine closeup work they are way lousy versus traditional film SLR cameras.In fact much of the time one cannot read anything at all on an LCD outside in bright conditions like skiing.Of course the optical viewfinders on most of those same cameras are only useful for aiming to the centerof one's frame since they usually fall far short of full frame coverage and worse don't zoom of course. LCD's VF do vary somewhat in readability in bright light. Check the reviews. Ones that swivel out can be oriented to not be in the worse sunlight. So what is the realsolution? Buy a digital SLR. Otherwise an EVF will help some since it is inside the optical viewfinder but still isfar less than a real SLR. Otherwise you may need to adapt a dark hood to the camera for viewing in sun which is what I do.
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